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Multi-talented American actress Wanda Sykes was born on 7th March 1964 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States of America but was raised in Washington D.C. area. Wanda Sykes wife Alex was an ordinary girl prior to their love relationship. Her mother Marion Louise is a banker and father Ellsworth Sykes was a US Army colonel at the Pentagon. Sykes did her schooling from Arundel High School situated in Gambrills, Maryland and achieved bachelor’s degree from Hampton University majoring in marketing. After completing her graduation, her first duty was at the National Security Agency as a contracting specialist for five years. 

Sykes started her career in the field of entertainment from the television show The Chris Rock Show in 1997. Since then Sykes has been appearing in The Drew Carey Show and other gave her voiceover in Futurama, Back at the Barnyard, Bubble Guppies, The Simpsons and Shirley B. Awesome. As comedian Sykes does not like to bring her children to her work, Wanda Sykes wife mostly look after them. Wanda Sykes movies Tomorrow Night was her first film which was released in 1998.The Angry Bird movie and Ice Age: Collision Course is Wanda Sykes movies in which she has done voiceover recently in 2016. The Hot Flashes is one of Wanda Sykes movies in which Wanda showed her acting skills recently in 2013 where Wanda played the character of Florine Clarkston.
Sykes has won Primetime Emmys awards for the Television show The Chris Rock Show in 1999, the American Comedy Award under the category of Funniest Female Stand Up Comic in 2001, BET Comedy Awards in the category of Outstanding Vaudevillian in a Theatrical Film for the movie Monster-in-law in 2005, the GLAAD Stephen F. Kolzak Award in 2010 and most recently the Activism in the Arts honor at the Triumph Awards in 2015. Wanda Sykes biography can be found in the well-known site Wikipedia and IMDb. Similarly, her fans can retrieve detail about her in her own official site wandasykes.com which contains her biography, recent projects and news. Her supporters can also follow her on Twitter which Sykes has been using since March 2011 and has approximately 224k followers. Sykes is also active through the social site Facebook. The detail information about Wanda Sykes wife is not found in any online sources. We don’t have any knowledge regarding Wanda Sykes wife past love affairs or marriage.
Wanda Sykes wife Alex Niedbalski is a French woman and there is a less information related to her personal life. Similarly, Wanda Sykes wife childhood life, her parents, education and other details are also kept hidden till to date. People came to know about their link ups in 2008, since then the name of Wanda Sykes wife is frequently taken in various interviews and talk shows. Prior to her present relationship, Wanda Sykes family was her husband Dave Hall who is a record producer in 1991. But their relationship did not worked well. So, in 1998, the couple got separated. Wanda Sykes family was always against same sex marriage and did not want anybody to be called as Wanda Sykes wife. Her conservative mother Marion and her father Harry reject to be present in her wedding. But today, Wanda Sykes family had to accept the fact and now is the proud grandparents. 
Sykes met her in the year 2006 and got married on 25th October, 2008.  Wanda Sykes wife is a non-celebrity but their appearance in the media has always become the talk of the town. After few years of their relationship, Wanda Sykes Wife gave birth to a pair of fraternal twins. They become parent on 27th April 2009. Wanda Sykes Wife named their daughter Olivia Lou Sykes and their son Lucas Claude Sykes. Wanda Sykes kids’ first picture was uploaded on 29th May, 2009 after one month of their birth. The pictures of Wanda Sykes kids since their childhood can be seen in the internet. Today Wanda Sykes kids looks really cute and adorable as they are featured in various shows and interviews. Along with Wanda Sykes wife both of them make a great couple. It is very difficult to get updated with Wanda Sykes wife as Alex is not involved in any social networking sites. Though Wanda Sykes wife has an account in Vimeo, there are no videos uploaded in her account. It is possible that her account could be opened by her fans.

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