Veronica Hamel Career

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Veronica Hamel is an actress and model and Veronica Hamel career has influenced many. Actress Veronica Hamel is in her seventies and is one of those models who had influenced many people at the time of her life.


Veronica Hamel is a popular actress who started appearing in TV series in 1975. Veronica Hamel career in modeling and acting was definitely promising and it surely paid her off. To be precise Veronica Hamel is an actress and producer, known for Hill Street Blues (1981), Cannonball! (1976) and Taking Care of Business (1990).


Veronica Hamel was born on November 20, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. He was born to a Philadelphia carpenter and a housewife.

Early life and education

Veronica Hamel career is something that has been built upon her passion and rock solid determination. Hamel graduated from Temple University. She worked as a secretary for a company that manufactured ironing board covers. She had a pretty stable early life.

Career and net worth

Now onto the interesting part, Veronica Hamel career which is by the way very aspiring. Precisely speaking, modeling and acting are the two significant aspects of Veronica Hamel career. Veronica Hamel was seriously beautiful in her younger days, flawless skin, good looking body; she had everything that a model needs to have. She began a fashion modeling career after being discovered by Eileen Ford. She was actually one of those faces who could hardly go unnoticed. She was the model in the last cigarette commercial televised in the U.S. (for Virginia Slims) aired at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 1970, on The Tonight Show. Veronica Hamel has also modeled in print ads and not just for Slims, but also for Pall Mall Gold cigarettes. She worked really hard and that is the major reason why Veronica Hamel career became the dream of many girls and it still is for many.

Days went by, she grew old but Veronica Hamel movies still have a good impact and it is still fun to watch Veronica Hamel movies even in this modern context. By the way, movies are seriously significant part of Veronica Hamel career. In her first film role, she played a model in 1971's Klute, followed by roles in the disaster films Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and When Time Ran Out. Her acting skills were mind-blowing.

To continue with Veronica Hamel career, television series is yet another aspect of it. Hamel started appearing in TV series in 1975. She appeared in television series like Kojak, Joe Forrester, The Bob Newhart Show, Switch, The Rockford Files, Family, Starsky and Hutch, The Eddie Capra Mysteries, Hill Street Blues, Kane & Abel, Twist of Fate, Philly, Third Watch etc. The actress has also appeared in many TV movies like Bone Eater, Home Invasion, Here Come the Munsters, A Child's Cry for Help, The Disappearance of Nora, Stop at Nothing, Sessions, Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls, The Gathering, Ski Lift to Death etc. Well, this would pretty sum up Veronica Hamel career as an actress. In her acting career, she has been able to gather the reputation of being a sincere and comfortable actress with whom people love working with. By character, the actress is a humble and comfortable person. All these years she has contributed to the acting industry and she has made a lot out of it, not only money the actress has earned a huge share of fame. With this, it is only plausible to wonder about Veronica Hamel net worth. As of 2017, about Veronica Hamel net worth is estimated to be four million dollars. She leads a comfortable life. Basically, she has earned this comfortable living.

Personal life and spouse

People by nature have interest in personal lives of others and the interest gets even more elevated if it's of some celebrity. Hence, simply put, Veronica Hamel personal life is an attraction to her fans even now when she is old. However, Veronica Hamel personal life has been into the shadows right from the beginning. She is not much of a show-off type of celebrity and simply knows how to keep away her private life away from the camera despite the fact that she works in front of the camera.

She was once a happily married woman but that did not last long. The actress was with Michael Irving from 1971 to 1981. They got married and got divorced. The reason behind her separation has not been into the media yet but it is safe to assume that they might have differences that they could not settle down. Sometimes letting go of a relationship that you are not happy is better than trying to fix it every single time.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Veronica Hamel is slightly active on social media and her twitter account is active so anyone can follow her there.


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