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A Canadian television personality, known best for her work in etalk, Tanya Kim is a beauty who has made her name known far and wide for her extremely beautiful appearance and amiable personality on screen. She is originally from Ontario and is of Korean origin, thus accounting to her amazing and different looks. She is a television host and most importantly a well-known celebrity.


Tanya Kim date of birth has been hidden to the general public. It has however been known that Kim was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Her parents were immigrants from Korea.

Early Life and Education

Enrolled in the Sherry Walsh Academy of Dance Arts as well as the Davey Dance Company in Sault Ste. Marie, Tanya Kim was interested in broadcasting since a very small age. This led her to graduate from the Sir James Dunn Collegiate and Vocational School. She later went on to graduate from the Ryerson University. She graduated from the journalism program in the year 1998. Her studies specialized in broadcasting and she worked as an intern in MuchMusic when she was studying.


Tanya Kim career started off shortly after her graduation when she became the videographer for MuchMusic. This led on for her to join The Chatroom of the CTV. She held the position of a music reporter there. Before 2003, she became the special correspondent for Canadian Idol for two seasons of the show before joining etalk.

Tanya Kim career in etalk is what she has been known best for. She started co-hosting the show with Ben Mulroney and has been doing so ever since 2003. She has covered several red carpet events at the Juno and the Academy Awards, for etalk. She has also covered the events including the likes of Live Earth and Live 8, as her work for the etalk.

Tanya Kim has hosted We Day for the years and this is an initiative in support of Free The Children. Other endeavors on etalk include hosting etalk Playlist. The 2005 show consisted of six episodes with show/concert miniseries. It was broadcasted live and consisted of interviews, reviews, and breaking news.

As a part of etalk, Tanya Kim has also traveled to several locations to cover major events. Kim, along with Ben and with reported Leah Miller, Elaine Lui, Jeanne Beker, Susie Wall has moved to Vancouver to cover the Olympic Winter Games on 2010 for the CTV. Kim has since 2015, been the host of two major programs in the CityTv. These include the likes of Your World This Week as well as Entertainment City.

Other appearances of the immensely talented and the very much liked personality include appearing in several other shows. She has appeared in Puppets who Kill and Degrassi: The Next Generation. She has also appeared as herself in Instant Star. Her acting credit also includes appearing alongside Mariah Carey in the film Glitter. All in all the versatile personality has done it all and has become famous for all of her work in the entertainment sector.

Personal Life

Tanya Kim is a notoriously secretive personality. The beautiful Tanya Kim dating history and the details associated with it have been searched widely by a huge number of her fans around the world. However, much to the sadness of her fans, Tanya Kim dating history comes out empty.

Tanya Kim net worth has been known to the world but Tanya Kim dating history is pretty much hidden. She has never been associated ton have been dating anyone from the entertainment or the journalism fraternity. She has also never been married. She has never had a boyfriend and despite rumors that she is a lesbian or a bisexual, she has never come out as one. The only explanation that can be offered is that she certainly is pretty secretive about her personal life and likes to reveal less about it.

Net Worth and Facts

Tanya Kim net worth has increased particularly from the start of her career at the etalk. Her reporting and anchoring skills have led her to become one of the most sought after entertainment hosts in the USA. Tanya Kim net worth thus has become a million dollars as of now. Tanya Kim net worth of 1 million dollars is surely set to rise considerably in the time to come.

She is not only beautiful but also a humanitarian by heart. Tanya Kim has been involved in several charity endeavors. Tanya Kim career has led her to fame and money and she has been using this in order to partner with charity organizations. She announced a partnership with CARE Canada in November 2008. She did so to promote CARE Canada's empowerment program for women, called I Am Powerful. She has been indulged in trying to increase and better and develop the condition of women in developing countries.

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