Stephanie Gosk Biography, Salary, Net worth and Height

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Stephanie Gosk is known as an American journalist who is working as a correspondent for NBC News. According to Stephanie Gosk biography, she was born in 1971. The exact Stephanie Gosk birthday is unknown. Since her childhood, Gosk was interested in journalism. As a media person, Stephanie Gosk is gorgeous and energetic as well. After realization of her keen interest in journalism, her family was always supportive. Stephanie Gosk is graduated with a degree of BA in economics from Georgetown University.

Salary and Net worth

She started her career in NBC in 2006 where she was employed as a correspondent for London. During her tenure at NBC, she enhanced her knowledge, skill and experience. After her transfer, she shifted to New York City in the NBC network. Gosk was then assigned to cover the events of 2014 Winter Olympics. She has maintained a good relationship not only with her employer but also with her colleagues as well. Due to her friendly and easy going attitude everyone in the company admires her. Gosk is one of the well-paid employees. Stephanie Gosk net worth is 2 million US dollar which can be projected after calculating her salary which amounts to 205,000 US dollars per annum. Even of having such a jaw dropping income, she prefers to live in a very simple lifestyle.

Height and Body Measurements

Stephanie Gosk is among those journalists who are very sexy. Along with pleasant personality Stephanie Gosk body measurements seems to be perfect. The accurate numerical figure of her body is not available. She has maintained the figure through workouts like yoga, meditation, gym and exercise. Stephanie Gosk height is 157 CM which has played a vital role to make her attractive among number of viewers. She looks more sexy and beautiful in pictures with toned legs and feet. One of the factors of her beauty is her hair style. She doesn’t have a long hair like ordinary girls, she has a very unique style of hair and because of this she grabbed attention in the industry.

Personal life

While talking about Stephanie Gosk personal life, it was confirmed in 2013 that Gosk is a lesbian. This confirmation was made by Jenna Wolfe. In addition they have made announcement regarding their engagement. Jenna underwent through artificial insemination by mutual agreement with an anonymous donor. All these happened in order to carry the child. As a result, Jenna gave birth to a daughter named Harper Estelle Wolfeld- Gosk. During the birth Stephanie Gosk age was 40 years. It is confirmed that Gosk doesn’t have any extra marital affair with any man. Gosk is not married, that’s why there is no chance of long-term appointment with law due to Stephanie Gosk divorce and all that.  Gosk and her partner are happy with mutual understanding and loyalty. Some facts about Stephanie Gosk are still inside the room of mystery as she prefers to keep her personal life away from paparazzi and media. So for this reason, Stephanie Gosk bio is not easily available in search results. However she can be followed in Twitter.

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