Shelby Stanga wiki, Family, Married and Net worth

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth 1960, January 1
Nationality American
Profession Swamp Logger
Marital Status Married
Spouse Donna
Children(s) Not yet
Net Worth(s) $400 thousand
Name on Birth Shelby Stanga
Divorce No
Height 5' 9''
Twitter @ShelbySwampMan
Age 0 Years


Shelby Stanga is a famous swamp logger originally from Lousiana, known better by his nickname of Swamp Man. Shelby Stanga wiki page has been absent from the internet, but he has made a name as a well-known personality in from the reality show Ax Men on the history channel.


Shelby Stanga was born in the year 1960 but his actual birthdate has not been certain. He is known to be 57 years of age. Shelby Stanga wiki page is absent so the credentials of the information available to him has been compromised.

Early Life and Childhood

Shelby Stanga career as a swamp logger started out in his early childhood. After his education was hampered by the Ku Klux Klan, his mother could not afford to educate him and he was taken out of school. That is when he decided to go explore the woods and started retrieving precious words from deep swamps.


Shelby Stanga started off working in a dredging company. Following this, he also took up a challenge to receive a cypress tree from a murky swamp at the mere age of 16. Using boats, ropes and tubes he did it and the rest is now history. He has retrieved logs that date back to 2000 to 5000 years old.

His expertise in the field led The History Channel to request him to join the cast of Ax Men. He joined the reality show in the third season and this is what led him to heightened fame. He has also appeared in the spinoff of the show named The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man.

Personal Life

Shelby Stanga family consists of his mother and his wife. Shelby Stanga married long ago to his beautiful wife Donna. Shelby Stanga married life seems to be getting along well with his Jehovah-witness wife Donna. The couple lives near Lake Pontchartrain and the house has a 3.5-acre property at the edge of the river. Shelby Stanga family does not consist of any children yet.

Net Worth and Facts

Shelby Stanga net worth has been estimated to be a whopping 400 thousand dollars. Shelby Stanga net worth has been on the rise and with the continued endeavors he has been involved in, it is surely set to grow more in the years to come. Shelby Stanga wiki page is absent but people follow him extensively on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. He has a huge number of followers and it can be hoped that Shelby Stanga wiki page be created as soon as possible.

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