Sam Hunt Songs

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We all have been listening to Sam Hunt songs while walking while having some alone time to ourselves and many such occasions. Sam Hunt songs like Body like a back road, Take your time, House party, Leave the night on etc has been able to rule the stereos all around America.


Sam Hunt is an American country music singer and songwriter who have been active since 2009 until present. He is a vocalist and a guitarist when it comes to his musical career. Hunt is a popular country, country pop and an R&B singer. This basically means his genre when it comes to music and the like. With the successful career and a happily married life, Sam Hunt is having the time of his life.


Singer Sam Hunt was born on December 8, 1984, in Cedartown, Georgia, United States. He was born to parents Joan Hunt (mother) and Allen Hunt (father). He has got two brothers namely Ben Hunt and Van Hunt.

Early life and education

Sam Hunt used to play football in his high school and college years. It is said that he has attempted to pursue a professional sports career before signing with MCA Nashville in 2014. Good that he did not pursue his career in professional sports. Otherwise, we would not have been able to hear many of Sam Hunt songs. He went to Cedartown High School where he played football. He was named 2002 Co-Offensive Player of the Year. He is the student of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Actually, He was a quarterback for two years at Middle Tennessee State University and two years at UAB where he majored in philosophy before graduating with a business degree in economics. Hunt is quite a learned man. He graduated from UAB in 2007.

Career and net worth

The success of Sam Hunt songs shows how much Sam Hunt career is paying him off. However, Sam Hunt was not built in a day. Hunt actually is credited for writing singles for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, and Reba McEntire before he had a successful solo career.

Many chart records were broken by his debut studio album, Montevallo. The lead single of the album, Leave the night on made him very much popular and famous. With Montevallo and "Take Your Time", he became the first country music artist since Clint Black to occupy both year-end numbers one album and single.

Sam Hunt songs were so good right from the beginning and he did not require much time to rule millions and millions of hearts. He has fame from both inside and outside of the country music because of his unique style of incorporating the use of R&B and pop into the production and songwriting of his songs. It is quite evident that Sam Hunt songs have paid him well. Sam Hunt net worth is in millions of dollars. Sam Hunt net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars.

Personal life and spouse

Sam Hunt has good looks that could swoon any girl. He has got looks and talent worth dying for. He has got a simple personal life without much of the major complications. He had an on again off again relationship with Hannah Lee Fowler since 2008. He is very much in love with her and was a major inspiration behind his album Montevallo. They really are the couple goals.

The couple got engaged in January 2017 and got married on April 15, 2017, in Hunt's hometown of Cedartown, Georgia. Sam Hunt married life is going smoothly as expected as Sam Hunt married life has all the love, trust, support and a loving spouse. Sam takes him as the real lucky man to have been able to get a spouse like her. “She’s beautiful. I did really good!”, he said. According to him with the wedding ring on, he feels a little taller and he has to say that there is a spiritual strength to the ring. This is a kind of love they are having. Isn’t that beautiful?

Sam does not hold back when it comes to sharing how much he appreciates her wife. Well, we wish such love last to the eternity. With the details of her married life and bond between the couple, it is highly unlikely that they will ever get separated.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Sam Hunt songs have been able to rule the stereos all over America and internationally. With this popularity and fame, Sam Hunt has been acknowledged with many awards and recognitions. They include one American Music Award and one CMT Music Award. He also earned nominations for Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards. Hunt is active in social media and anyone can follow him. He has the account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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