Rachel Perry Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career and Dating

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Rachel Perry is an actress and TV personality of Canadian nationality, who has been known for her work as a VJ in the United States. She is a former VJ of the channel MuchMusic. She has been the host of All Access on VH1 and is the host of the Playboy TV, where she anchors the show named The Stage. She is also the narrator of Web Junk 20. Apart from Rachel Perry career, Rachel Perry boyfriend history and details re also searched widely by all of her fans.


Rachel Perry was born on the 20th of January, 1976. Rachel Perry age as of now is thus known to be 40years. Her birthplace is in Brockville, Ontario.

Early Life and Career

Rachel Perry career has surely been a versatile one. She has appeared in a range of narrations and voiceovers for VH1 Shows. She has also appeared in the gay and lesbian challenge named Logo.

As the co-host of the VH1 reality shows Strip Search, she was appreciated for the work she did there for one season. She has also been known to be the host of Pepsi Smash. She started working in VH1 in January 2001 and has hosted All Access, VH1 News as well as Top 20 countdown of VH1. She has also co-hosted with Aamer Haleem and Bradford How. Another role she has maintained has been the host for the program named Brokeback Mountain.

As of now, Rachel Perry career credits include being the host of Weekly Rewind which airs on the Radio Network of the VH1. She has also done work for The CW. She has appeared as a guest star in CSI: NY and has had some acting stints too. She has also been showcased on the show Living with Ed, showcased on the Planet Green.

The most important endeavor Rachel Perry has been known about is as the co-writer and the host of The Stash which airs on the Playboy Channel. In the show, she comments on the photos as well as video clips of the adult media. She has also been a member of the Discovery Channel’s show named Dirty Jobs. In the show, she and fellow female members were showcased cleaning a septic tank. Her hilarious reaction was to the extreme.

She has been known best for being the host of All Access which airs on VH1. The narrator of Web Junk 20, her role as the host of The Stash is also another aspect of Rachel Perry career that is most liked about her. This native of Ontario has made a name for herself in America and will surely continue to do so in the time to come.


Personal Life

Rachel Perry dating and personal life details have been followed closely by the fans of this exceptionally beautiful lady. Rachel Perry dating history is a long one and has been followed closely by news tabloids. Rachel Perry boyfriend on 2002 was Clint Mathis. The couple dated only for the duration of a few months before calling it splits. Clint is a soccer player. On the very same year, Rachel Perry boyfriend was DJ Ruckus. The couple was together up until 2002. After her split from DJ Ruckus, Rachel Perry dating history includes the name of Iann Robinson.

Iann was Rachel Perry boyfriend up until 2003. After this, she started dating Robbie Williams in the same year. After Rachel Perry boyfriend Robbie split up with her, she started dating Damien Fahey on 2004. On 2005, Rachel Perry boyfriend was Raviv Ullman. The couple separated only after a few months of dating and this relationship was full of rumors.

From 2005 to 2006, Rachel Perry boyfriend was Nick Zano. After the relationship came to an end on 2006, it seems that Rachel Perry is currently single. She has never been married and has not been known to have dated anyone since her last relationship with Nick.

Net Worth and Facts

Rachel Perry net worth has been estimated to be a whopping 2 million dollars.net worth ahs risen to a great amount particularly for all the endeavors she has carried out on the television screen. She has been known to be one of the most beautiful celebrities of Canadian nationality and with the height of 5 feet 10 inches and a well-managed body; she certainly deserves to be called so.

She has not just been known for her good work but has also been involved in several controversies in the entertainment fraternity. She was called in to join in on Adam Corolla’s new radio show from January 2006. She was absent in rehearsal for a television pilot and more so in the days to come, thus being replaced by the show for her unpunctual behavior. She has hence been called as a guest who wouldn’t leave by Adam Carolla.

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