Oprah Winfrey

Nadine Caridi

Oprah Winfrey is probably one of the best known names in the entertainment fraternity. If we take a look at Oprah Winfrey biography, A media proprietor, actress, producer, talk show host and philanthropist, she has been known best for being the host of her very own talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah Winfrey biography probably has to be the most searched piece of information in the news tabloids in the internet. She has been the host of the highest-rated program of its kind in history and is also the richest African American woman. She is North America’s first and only multi billionaire person and has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Oprah Winfrey biography states her date of birth to be the 29th of January, 1954 and at the age of 62, she has managed to win the hearts of millions of people all across the world.

The exceptionally talented personality who was born to poverty has risen so high in the heights of fame. Oprah Winfrey net worth is a whopping 3.2 billion dollars and her yearly salary amounts up to 75 million dollars per year. She is so rich that she owns a private property named The Promised Land where she stays currently. Her estate consists of views of ocean and mountain and is situated in Montecito, California. She also owns a house in Lavallette, New Jersey. Oprah Winfrey net worth has also led her to attain an apartment in Chicago, a ski house situated in Colorado as well as several properties across Maui, Antigua and Hawaii. She also owns a house in Lavallette, New Jersey.

Oprah Winfrey married information has been searched over by her fans. While all of her romantic affiliations have been properly documented it has been known that this exceptional personality has never been married. Oprah has been together with her boyfriend Stedman Graham since a long time. They have been dating since 1986 and the couple has been living together since a long time. They have not had any issues or problems between them. They have no children. Oprah Winfrey married information went around on 1992, when the couple was engaged to be married. But the marriage did not take place.

Oprah Winfrey height is 5 feet and 7 inches and she suddenly experienced a weight gain during the peak of her career due to depression. Oprah Winfrey height is average but she manages to look taller by wearing the perfect heels. Oprah Winfrey contact information can be found on her website oprah.com. Oprah Winfrey contact information was also released by her in an attempt to talk with all of her fans from across the world. [email protected] is the mailing address through which you can reach her instantly. She makes it a point to answer all the mails as much as possible and her fans can contact her through it. This beauty has made it a point to answer as much mails as possible even if it takes long to respond all her mails.

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