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Nicole Tuck is actually famous because of Nicole Tuck personal life. The world is full of celebrities who love to keep their private life a low profile but compared to them, Nicole Tuck personal life is like an open book.


Nicole Tuck is a businessperson by profession. She created her own clothing line in 2011 called ABU Apparel. Apart from her professional career, people are highly interested in Nicole Tuck personal life which basically revolves around her partner DJ Khaled and their baby.


Nicole Tuck is in her late thirties. She is actually 3 years younger than DJ Khaled, her partner. She is of Palestinian descent.

Early life and education

As already mentioned Tuck is popular for Nicole Tuck personal life which revolved around the snapchat king DJ Khaled. Her popularity basically stems from her partner’s popularity. Given the fact that Nicole Tuck is a successful businessperson and has a stable career it is only plausible that she has excelled in formal education. She's earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marymount Manhattan College. She was there from 1993 to 2003. She has a Master’s in Education from Fordham University. She was there from 2003 to 2005.  Wow, that is pretty high class!

Career and net worth

Besides Nicole Tuck personal life which is stable, Nicole Tuck career is equally stable. She is a business person by profession. She created her own clothing line in 2011 called ABU Apparel. She called Post-modern streetwear for Independent, Fashion-Forward Individuals in Linkedin. The line is reportedly no longer operating.  However, Nicole Tuck is clearly a busy person. She promotes the work of charities such as Hope for Harvest. She documents her travels to locales like Los Vegas and Santorini. The extra details about Nicole Tuck career have not been into the news yet.

Given the fact that Nicole Tuck is a business person, Nicole Tuck net worth might be beautiful. Along with her fiancé DJ Khaled, Nicole Tuck net worth is estimated to be $20 million. That is seriously huge.

Personal life and spouse

To those who are wondering how open Nicole Tuck personal life is, well, her partner DJ Khaled went ahead and Snapchatted their son's birth. Now, onto the details of Nicole Tuck personal life. Nicole Tuck met her long-term partner DJ Khaled a very long time ago. They have been together for more than a decade. They are undoubtedly the couple goals. Additionally, the birth of their son has brought them even closer and made them popular. Nicole Tuck is like a foundation stone of happiness in their family of three. She basically plays the role of behind the scenes character. Their birth of the son in 2016 was in a snapchat and that was a history. Their son was born on October 23, 2016. The couple is proud of their son and trying to be the best parents in the world. The couple appeared together at the BET Awards in June 2016. DJ Khaled proudly walked the red carpet with his pregnant fiancée in Los Angeles and he also planted a kiss on her baby bump before going inside the venue. The act warmed hearts of many and the baby became popular even when he was not born.

The couple has been together long before he became famous and she became famous. Their bond is praiseworthy and has always been a power couple. Tuck has actually been Khaled's partner since long before he became famous for his music. She always was supportive of him in his entire music career. `She even weathered the odd controversy or two. Like that time in 2013 when Khaled "proposed" to Nikki Minaj. But later during an interview with Funkmaster Flex, Minaj revealed the rumor was false. She stated that Khaled was his brother and Khaled was not serious with d*** proposal, ya’ll. Please let it go. He was kidding. He was not attracted to her: he doesn’t like her and they are brother and sister.

Now, this is the kind of couple bond and trust people aspire for. Even though the thing was the rumor, some people might have separated but this couple stood strong together throughout the controversy. So, it is safe for us to assume that Nicole Tuck personal life got intense attention also because of her undying love and support for her partner. Khaled has found the right woman for him. Seriously, she was okay with you posting her labor on Snapchat. Such king of a gold-hearted woman and supportive partner are rare and one in a billion.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Nicole Tuck is fairly active in social media. Nicole Tuck Instagram is active and anyone can follow Nicole Tuck Instagram. Her followers are increasing and her fan base is also widening.

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