Molly Line

Nadine Caridi

Molly line is a Boston-based news correspondent for Fox News channel who has successfully transitioned herself to a next top news-babe for the Fox News channel with her easy-going mellow personality and with her productive work experience she earned before joining Fox in WDTV, WFXF and WXXA.

She is extremely beautiful and has a high sex appeal in terms of physical appearance. Her looks can even be compared with any of the top Hollywood actresses. But it’s not only her looks that is making her popular. But also she is gaining huge amount of popularity because of her smooth personality and rich reporting and anchoring skills.

She got married to Matt Petrus at Jackson Community Church in Jackson, New Hampshire on July 21st, 2010. They first met at the Virginia Tech but they weren’t dating back then. Some years after their graduation, a common friend called “Paul” introduced Molly and Matt with each other in one night at a popular restaurant called “Bogen”. It is said that their job landed both of them in New England and after that, they started dating each other and ultimately, they deeply fell in love with each other. Molly likes collecting shells on the beach and eating Kettie Corn and Matt loves sports and playing his guitar. They enjoyed their honeymoon at the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru.

She has a good knowledge of politics and arts. In fact, she is a holder of 19997’s Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Political Science degree from Virginia tech. Beauty with brains, Molly competed for Miss West Virginia Pageant in 1997 and in 2000. However, she won preliminary Miss Greater Bluefield Area Pageant of the 1997’s Miss West Virginia Pageant.

Most recognized work of her career include her coverage reporting  on the sentencing of shoe bomber Richard Reid,   the Station Nightclub fire, the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the Cartoon Network "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" scandal and the arrest and extradition of accused murderer Neil Entwistle.

36-year-old Molly looks so younger than her age. She is an energetic woman with a curvy fit body. During her shows, she wears short dresses that expose her long beautiful shapely meaty legs and thighs. Her blue-gray eyes are extremely attractive. Many people speculate that cold air of New England must have that effect on her eyes which made her eyes beautiful.

The five feet and 8 inches bombshell is perfect for camera. Her pictures circulated all over internet prove her picture-perfect beauty. Moreover, her make-ups are always balanced. Online media Power Grid has now positioned her 130 among TV reporters and her position is in increasing state.

Born on January 17, 1977 in West Virginia, the very gorgeous Molly is a graduate of 1995 graduate of Tucker County High SchoolHambleton, West Virginia,

She has a huge fan following in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many discussion page and portals have been opened to discuss about her by her fans.

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