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Quick Facts

Date of Birth July 7, 2006
Nationality Australian
Profession star
Marital Status Unmarried
Name on Birth Mariam Assad
Age 16 Years
 Mariamstar1 (born July 7, 2006), whose real name is Mariam Assad, is an Australian celebrity. At the age of just 12 years, she has become a massive phenomenon on the app where she has amassed over 2.5 million followers.
Interested in singing and dancing from a very young age, she uesd to give peformances at local events and also paticipated in various competititons. She rose to stardom after she started posting her videos on the internet, espacially on the app.

Rise To Stardom

Mariamstar1's meteoric rise to fame has been due to her videos on the app. As she started posting videos on, people started to take notice. At the beginning, she mostly posted lip syncs and dancing sequences of some of the biggest music stars in USA like Madonna, Jennfer Lopez and many more. Her fast paced dance caught the attention of young viewers and adolescents. As a result, she rapidly started gaining followers.
Soon after her success, Mariamstar1 also started posting comedy videos as they were very popullar with the kids. In those videos, she poked fun at society and appeared in funny clothing to make her viewers laugh. She then started imitating famous politicians and celebrities whom she wanted to criticize through her videos. Her friends and family also regularly appeared with her in her videos. 
As a result, Mariamstar1 is one of the most popular stars on the app. She has over 2.5 million followers and 100 million hits on the app. Due to this success, she has branched out to other social sites like Instagram and Youtube to share her videos. Shee has a massive following in these sites as well. It is vey possible that she would get fat contracts from media companies in Hollywood.
During this time, Mariamstar1 has also made some high profile friends. She is close friends with internet star Logan Paul. She used the Bars nd Melody song titled "Hopeful" in one of her videos. She is a good friend of another star Piper Rockelle. She shared the two's picture on Instagram.

Stance Against Bullying

Mariamstar1 is also popular for voicing her opinion against bullying. She has released a videos where she advocates aginst bullying. The video featured the the song "Hopeful" by Bars and Melody and depicted a girl being bullied.  In the video, she had her mouth taped and alot of derogetaory words written all over her body.
Image source: YouTube
The went viral and received a lot of attention from the media. By depicting herself being bullied, she appealed to all types of people and recieved a lot of praise. This further increased her stardom.

Love Life, Net Worth

Mariamstar1 hasn't been involved in any love affair as of now. As she is only 12 years old, she is too young to have a boyfriend. But, as she is os beautiful, a lot of boys would love to make her their girlfriend.

Though Mariamstar1's exact net worth is unknown, she has earned a lot of money from her endeavors. stars earn a lot of money from the app. She makes thousands of dollars from her each video. As she is only 12 years old, her parents take care of her money.

Personal life and Family

Mariamstar1 was born in Sydney and stll lives there with her family. Names of her father and mother are not known but they regularly appear on her videos. As she is just 11 years old, all of her social media accounts are handled by her mother.
She is the youngest child and has 2 elders brothers as well as two elder sisters. She shared her brothers' photo on Instagram.

Who needs superhero’s when you have brothers ????????????

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