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Mandy Patinkin has won our hearts by portraying the long standing role of Saul Berenson in the series Homeland and also for his role in Criminal Minds. This legendary actor has been acting since 1978 and still continues to charm his audience by the roles he has portrayed on screen. Many might wonder, how old is Mandy Patinkin? He was born on the 30th of November, 1952 and this makes his age 63. Mandy Patinkin bio states that he was born in Chicago, Illinois and did his schooling from the Julliard School.
Mandy is certainly a well-known name in the television and film fraternity. His variety of roles, mostly including the serious ones, has been appreciated widely all across. He has had major roles in the hit series like Chicago Hope and Dead Like Me. his role in Criminal Minds was a long standing one and he has been acting in Homeland since a long time now. This talented personality has also appeared in the films like The Princess Bride, Dick Tracy, Alien Nation as well as Wish I was Here.


Mandy Patinkin bio has been widely searched by all of his fans across the world. More information in regards to his career can be found on sites like the wiki. Mandy Patinkin wiki site has a huge load of information about his career credits and personal life for those who wish to search for it.
This legendary actor is a married man. Mandy Patinkin wife is none other than the beautiful actress Kathryn Gordy. They have two children, sons named Issac and Gideon together. Mandy Patinkin wife, Kathryn is known for her off-Broadway work and she is an accomplished actress as well. The couple got married on 1980 and unlike other celebrity couples, they have managed to stick together and remain married since a long time. Kathryn is a beauty, who seems to be supporting her husband immensely and they have been seen together on several occasions like the red carpet events of award functions.

Mandy Patinkin wife
For the extremely well known roles Mandy has played on screen, he has been earning a huge amount of salary. Mandy Patinkin net worth is a whopping 9 million dollars. He reportedly earns an annual salary of 125 thousand dollars and this has contributed to such a huge amount of net worth over the years. Mandy Patinkin net worth can be justified by the fact that his roles have been hugely appreciated by his fans all over the world and his acting credits have made the TV shows hit amongst the audience. 
Mandy Patinkin height is 6 feet and 1 inch. His personality amalgamated with his exclusive acting skills, makes him a unique person with the best acting skills and a pretty stable personal life. Mandy Patinkin height is well suited to the characters he portrays on screen and it can be said that Mandy Patinkin wiki page will surely have more and more career credits appended to it even as time progresses forward.

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