Georgios Lollias

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Georgios Lollias biography became a new demand after Georgios Lollias shot a cat, Strushi during his duty at Franklin hotel. He drew major criticism after the very incident. Georgios Lollias  is a former worker of the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.


Georgios Lollias  is professionally known as Jorge Kollias Rivera who is a former worker of the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. In his tenure of work, many people had made assumptions that he had earned a lot. Despite his contributions in the field, his ruthless act of shooting a cat made him the-the hated person by many people.


Georgios Lollias was born in 1981 in Greek. His current residence is in Miami Beach, Florida.He is also known a Georgios Kollias and Jorge Kollias Rivera.

Early life and education

No detail has been into light about his early life and his schools and university. He has started being one of the most searched persons not because he has done something praiseworthy but because Georgios Lollias shot a cat, he actually shot an innocent animal, a beloved stray cat. It was shot dead with a crossbow outside of a Miami hotel. He, of course, might have gained some level of education but they could not make him an ethical, a moral person. This cold behavior has hyped interest upon Georgios Lollias biography. People often are interested in Georgios Lollias biography to find out he has some mental issues and about his track records.

Career and net worth

Career section of Georgios Lollias would have been interesting if he hadn’t had shot the cat dead. His criminal act has drawn major hatred and no one even bothers about his career. Before any of these events, he was he was employed as a clerk at the Franklin Hotel.  During his free time, he would often enjoy going bars which implies he obviously might like drinking and stuff. No details have been disclosed about his earlier jobs and what he used to do before.

When it comes to Georgios Lollias net worth, people are often ready to make guesses about him having some significant money saved because of the place he works. Given the fact that the hotel is placed in world’s one of the sought out holiday place and also the hotel has quite a good rating and of course he had been working there, Georgios Lollias net worth might be huge. However, who cares about his net worth now as he has been convicted of a crime of animal cruelty.

Personal life and spouse

He is a killer, a cat killer.  This would be the major part of his personal life. He admitted to shooting the cat, named Strushie, in the head twice, leaving it to suffer and die. Simply hearing is enough to run chills down the spine. The cat was loved by the neighbors. The news spread like a wildfire as Strushie was found, bleeding and wounded, near the hotel with an arrow through his head by people who feed the stray cats that live in the area. The cat was taken to a local animal hospital and euthanized there according to the officials.  Georgios Lollias committed a crime without any hesitation, as suspected as he was recorded on video surveillance stalking Strushie outside the hotel while carrying the crossbow. Seriously, it is a tragedy that such humans exist. To follow the details of the crime, he was trying to hide his crossbow from anyone in the area. He then shot the crossbow into the bushes twice, puncturing Strushie’s skull and brain, and left him for dead. So the question is why did he do so? Had he killed an animal before that was unfortunately been concealed by him? The question keeps hanging. The criminal was not easy to find out; it was the excellent investigation team and the public pressure that made it possible. The thing is Animal Activists in the Miami area raised a reward to catch Strushie’s killer & held rallies to push authorities toward an arrest.

 The detectives with the Miami Beach Police Department turned to the Secret Service in order to recover the missing surveillance video footage that eventually made possible to arrest Georgios Lollias. He has been charged with tampering with evidence. This detail is the major part of Georgios Lollias biography.

What about his married life or is even married? Well, nothing as such has been disclosed yet. Also, people are not even bothered about who he has dated and who he is interested upon because of what he has done. Had he not done any such crime, he might have been the one for another woman.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

He was active in social media. Georgios Lollias twitter was active and he Georgios Lollias twitter had some followers too.

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