Deena Nicole Cortese Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth and Dating

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth January 12, 1987
Nationality American
Profession TV personality
Marital Status Engaged (2016)
Spouse Christopher Buckner (bf)
Education at New Egypt High School
Net Worth(s) $1 million
Name on Birth Deena Nicole Cortese
Height 5 feet or 1.52 m
Weight 48 kilograms
Twitter @DeenaNicoleMTV
Age 36 Years


Deena Nicole Cortese is a well-known name in the entertainment fraternity and though Deena Nicole Cortese age is a mere 29 years, she has managed to become one of the most controversial and likable reality stars on screen. She is a reality television personality who has been known best for her work on the MTV reality show named "Jersey Shore". She appeared on the show from 2011 to 2102 and that is when she gathered her fan base and a lot of fame.


Deena Nicole Cortese age is a mere 29 years. It is because she was born on the 12th of January, 1987. Her birthplace is in New Egypt, New Jersey in the United States of America.

Early Life and Childhood

Deena Nicole Cortese was born in the Plumsted Township section of New Jersey. She was born in the New Egypt section. Her parents are Italian American, hence her extremely pretty looks.  She was enrolled in the New Egypt High School for her education. After growing up, she briefly attended the Brookdale Community college. She has however not completed her future education.


The major highlight of the career of Deena is her appearance as a cast member in the reality television series Jersey Shore. She had also auditioned for the first season of the show but she turned down the offer to be a part of the show, in order to be with her family.

MTV approached her once more on Season 2 after Angelina Pivarnick left the show. She was suggested by Snooki and Deena Nicole Cortese eventually joined in Season 3. She has been the part of the show ever since and has gained name and fame because of it.

Personal Life

Deena Nicole Cortese has a sibling, a sister named Joanie Maiorella. She has also been seen on Season 5 of Jersey Shore on several episodes.

Deena Nicole Cortese dating history and Deena Nicole Cortese boyfriend details have also been the subject of public scrutiny and interest over the years. She has never been known to hide the details about her personal life and dating history to her fans. She has also been known for her open attitude and the direct way she reveals information about her dating life to her fans. Deena Nicole Cortese dating history firstly comprises of the name of Jeff Miranda. The couple was in a relationship back when Nicole initially was growing into the heights of fame.

After Deena Nicole Cortese boyfriend Jeff split from her, she started dating Chris Manzo. The relationship of the couple was too highly followed by the news tabloids, but the relationship turned sour real soon and they were separated.

On 2011, Deena Nicole Cortese boyfriend was Paul DelVecchio. The couple too dated only for a few months before ending their relationship. Deena Nicole Cortese dating history now seems to be stable as she is currently engaged to her boyfriend Christopher Buckner. The couple got engaged on 2016 and is set to marry sometime soon.

Net Worth, Controversy, and Facts

Deena Nicole Cortese is certainly a very pretty looking beauty whose acting skills and effortless beauty have managed to attract thousands from over the world. She has a light eye color and her hair color is dark. She has the height of 5 feet but she looks comparatively taller when she dons high heels and wears classy dresses that showcase her perfect body. The weight of Deena Nicole Cortese is a mere 48 kilograms. She has the bra size of 32 C and her dressing sense and style has made her an even more likable personality on screen.

As far as the money that she earns is to be taken into consideration, it has been known that Deena Nicole Cortese net worth has risen considerably over the past few years. With her success with being the cast member in the hit TV series Jersey Shore and all the subsequent controversies she had been involved in, she surely got raised high up into the height of fame instantly. This led her to become one of the most likable people of Jersey Shore and she certainly got a huge number of other opportunities. Thus Deena Nicole Cortese net worth has amounted to a whopping 1 million dollars as of now. Deena Nicole Cortese net worth is surely set to rise over the years to come.

Apart from her controversies in the show Jersey Shore, she has had a string of personal issues too. She was arrested for disorderly conduct on the 10th of June 2012. She refused to move from the street to the sidewalk when she was roaming around Seaside Heights in New Jersey, this led police officers to arrest her. She pleaded guilty to failing to use the sidewalk and hence had to pay a 106 dollar fine.


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