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Coco Austin age is 38 years and she is an American actress, dancer, web personality, entrepreneur, fashion designer, producer, and model. Coco Austin is a famous personality in the field of glamor.


Coco Austin a natural brunette and dog mom to Bulldogs is a famous television personality.


Coco Austin age is 38 years and she was born on March 17, 1979; Tarzana, California. She is the daughter of Tina and Steve Austin and later grew up in Palos Verdes. She has a younger sister and three half brothers. Her sister and brothers were the main reason that everyone now knows her by nickname Coco Austin

Early life and education

Human Barbie of Serbian origin Coco Austin age was 10 when she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico with her mom and sister. She grew up as a tomboy. She loved playing football and riding quads in her teenage. Coco Austin age was six years when she began to tap, jazz, and ballet dancing in her childhood. She was also involved in stage programs with the help of her mother and introduced in theatres as an artist. Coco Austin age of 14 was fully engaged in the field of entertainment. She started her career from Beverly Hill Studios in Los Angeles. She was a star among top five students to attend the school.

Career and net worth

Coco Austin age was18 when her career boomed up with swimsuit specializing, body modeling, videos, calendar catalogs and she got success in the fitness competition. She holds the first position in that competition which was Ujena contest held in Purta Vallarta Mexico in 1998. Once she was at the party that was on the eve of New Year at playboy mansion where she got the opportunity to meet Huge Heifner and this turns fruitful to her. She helped Playboy mansion in organizing parties and events. After that, she got many opportunities and Coco Austin cast in the R-rated Films New Travel, Southwest Babes, Desert Rose, and The Dirty Monks. Coco Austin as a TV personality appeared in many shows like Comedy Central Roast, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Law and Order; Special Victims Unit, RuPaul's Drag Race 5, Hip-Hop wives, and had a role with her husband in the film Thira. Coco Austin also featured in the Playboy Magazine in 2008 March. Coco Austin worked as a lingerie model and swimsuit. Following her reality television, show Coco, cast to play the lead role as Bo-peep in the Las Vegas revue Peepshow at Planet Hollywood. Coco Austin own net worth of $4 million. Her sources of income are mainly from reality shows on TV, acting, Modeling and she is a famous Web personality. The DVD exotic calendar in 2007 has made nearly Coco Austin Net worth 1 million dollars in revenue, which helped her to rise more and led to being the cover of breaking barriers, smooth magazine. The magazine made most sold to the date. Featuring in about 50 magazines enhanced Coco being a popular celebrity. She has her own car, boat, and other vehicles. Coco Austin launched her own magazine "Coco" on her name that featured everything about Coco.


Personal life and spouse

Coco Austin successful model, and the famous rapper and artist Ice T met on a movie set. The couple started dating and they got married in 2001 after dating few months. Coco Austin baby Chanel Nicole Marrow was born on 28 November 2015. Coco Austin baby was after her 13 years of marital status when Coco Austin age 36. She held her modeling career for six years to give hand to her husband that adds stability, love, and understanding between the two. In the mean time, she developed her own web site on the Internet, which made her more international among her followers. The reality show of the couple, ‘‘Ice Loves Coco" was launched on 12 June 2011. They were building a new house with five bedrooms in Edgewater New Jersey in 2012. Not only a party girl but also a good wife Coco was as personal assistant to Ice T during their show Ice Loves Coco. She also wrote a fiction novel "Angel" in 2011 published by Mc Millan.

Awards and recognition

Nicole Natalie Austin widely known, as Coco Austin age is 38 years and she is the brand these days as a sexy brunette. She is an inspiration to the women of all ages who teaches how to be fit, create new opportunities and gain success in life. Coco Austin news is published on many websites as well as on own websites. Besides her Website, Coco Austin also has viewers on her Facebook, Twitter and in Instagram. Coco Austin age 19 was such a talent who won Miss Ujena contest in 1998. Coco Austin awarded with Urban Magazine Award for best body of the year in 2010. Coco Austin is recognized all over the world due to her web personality, curvaceous figure, and her positive attitude. Coco Austin news has been covered in several fashion magazines and fashions channel. 


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