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Christi Lukasiak is a celebrity of American nationality, known for her appearances in the highly acclaimed Dance Show named Dance Moms. Christi Lukasiak- Dance Moms Wiki provided details of her family life. She has left the show but her legacy and the mark she has left behind in the duration of the show has been highly acclaimed by her fans. She has daughters Chloe and Clara Lukasiak who were both portrayed on the show too. 

Christi has been known not only for her skills in the dancing arena but also for her problems with the other contestants of Dance Moms. This controversial beauty has been known for her constant battles with another contestant named Abby. She own s a children’s fitness franchise in Pittsburgh area and the franchise is named Stretch-N-Grow. Her business endeavors apart from her appearances in the show has been hugely appreciated by her fans too.  She has gone on to state that she was born to a young mother and has a troublesome childhood. She wanted to dance ever since she was a child but never got the opportunity due to her conditions. She had to sneak out for cheerleading and that’s where she learnt dancing. She was previously a stockbroker.

Christi was voted Top Mom in the season 2 on several episodes. She had to leave the show due to several misunderstandings with the producers of the show. She has since focused on improving her children’s acting skills as she wants them to go on into Broadway and start acting and take online courses for their graduation.
According to Christi Lukasiak- Dance Moms Wiki, she has been known to be married to Mark Lukasiak. The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve on the year 1998 and has been married. They have two children named Clara and Chloe together. Christi has gone on to state that after giving birth to Chloe she wanted another child but was unable to have one for many years. The couple had stopped trying finally when she then found the news that she was pregnant with Clara. She has been known to be completely devoted to her family and has not had any affair with anybody outside her marriage. The couple seems to be getting along pretty well with no imminent signs of divorce and will surely be together for a long time to come. 
The net worth of her daughter Chloe is  estimated 0.8 million dollars while Christ earns a bit less than her daughter does. She had a huge salary during her tenure in Dance Moms and is certainly doing well in her personal as well as professional life. More info on Christi Lukasiak - Bio, Facts, Family can be gained from wiki sites like wikipedia.

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