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Brooke Sealey divorce with the American race car driver Jeff Gordon was a talk of the town for some time. What might be the reasons behind Brooke Sealey divorce with Jeff Gordon? People made many speculations and hunches but there is only one single hard truth that we will know in a while.


People get famous because of various  stuff, their own achievements, their associations and the like. Brooke Sealey is a former Miss Winston. She and her ex-husband Jeff were once the most adorable NASCAR's couple.  Sealey news hit the media every now and then and her popularity grew even more after her separation with Jeff Gordon.


Brooke Sealey was born in Winston.

Early life and education

Not much about her early life has been disclosed but it is believed that she has a fairly strong educational base.

Career and net worth

Talking about Brooke Sealey career, there is not much to say but Brooke Sealey career began as a model and she a former Miss Winston.  Her net worth is still unknown.

Personal life and spouse

People often wonder why Brooke Sealey divorce is such a big talk of the town. Well, this is basically because she has a reputation for having known for her expensive divorce in the history of the sport. Digging deep into Brooke Sealey personal life, we can find more than one relationships which are quite natural.

Previously, she is said to have been into the relationship with Philip Wegner. The couple got separated without disclosing any specific reason to not to say together. Of course, they might have some unresolved issues or some differences that could not be compromised or simply they might have fallen out of love. Since the reason was not disclosed in the media, the audience has a sufficient room for assumptions.  Later Sealey started dating Nascar racer, Jeff Gordon. Because of some policies that need to be followed, the couple had to date secretly. Even though they could not flaunt their romance publicly, we must say that it might have spiced up their relationship a bit. According to Sealey, Jeff was quite nervous when he approached her at Daytona to ask her out for a lunch. Well, many people would feel the same when they have to ask a girl out, right? Everything was fine in the beginning for they could not last for a lifetime.

Before going into the Brooke Sealey divorce stories, we would like to continue with their love story. When did they meet first? How did everything start? The couple allegedly met in February 1993. They went pretty fast and soon got married in 1994. Gordon proposed Sealey at the 1994 Daytona 500 in February. They painted the town red. It would not be a stretch to say that Jeff and Brooke were the couple goals. They were once the most amorous lovebirds of Nascar. Jeff even shared his experience of him proposing Brooke for marriage. He said that he was so nervous that he had to go to the bathroom five times. According to him, he was trying to get the ring just right which was in his pocket.  Looking back, the story seems to be a fairy tale. It is no wonder why Brooke Sealey divorce with Jeff came as a big shock to the audiences and their fans. The couple stayed married for eight years and they got separated in 2003. Brooke filled for a divorce and it turned out to be the most expensive one in the sport’s history. A chill runs down the spine when such once loved-up couple gets separated but we have to accept that heart wants what it wants.  Jeff said that he and Brooke had a high- profile relationship. He added that they got a lot of attention and they had to adjust their lives. As mentioned earlier, Brooke Sealey divorce has been claimed to be an expensive one. This is basically of her demand.  She demanded to have an airplane, periodic use of the couple’s boats, two cars and alimony and after multiple battles and lawsuits, their divorce came in a settlement to $15.3 million. Man, that is a huge sum! By the way, Jeff Gordon has an estimated net worth of approximately $150 million. This sums up Brooke Sealey divorce with Jeff.

Moving on with Brooke Sealey personal life, it got an extra attention after she gave Gordon’s name to the child whom she gave birth later. The child was from her another partner, James Dixon II. the biological father of the baby claimed for alimony of around $10,000 per month, a house worth $1.5M and a Mercedes-Benz car. However, in the custody dispute, Gordon’s attorney stated it was inappropriate for the child to give Gordon name who isn’t a father. Brooke Sealey married former South Carolina gubernatorial candidate, Mullins Mcleod.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

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