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Quick Facts

Date of Birth September 26, 1944
Nationality British
Profession Journalist, Presenter, Actor
Marital Status Single (div)
Spouse John Penrose, Charles Wilson (Ex)
Married on John (m. 1980–2007), Charles(m. 1968–1973)
Children(s) Emma Wilson
Net Worth(s) £50 million
Divorce Yes
Height 1.55 m
Twitter @AnneRobinsonTV
Age 76 Years


Anne Robinson wiki page describes her as a Journalist and presenter of English nationality known for her bitter style of presenting. She is known for being one of the presenters of the hit show Watchdog as well as the hostess of the game show named 'The Weakest Link'. Anne Robinson was a part of the weakest link since 2000 and she hosted the show for a whopping 12 years. Her style of presenting and talking has made her earn the nickname of Queen of Mean. Actively involved in the entertainment fraternity since 1982, the beauty has been known also for her troublesome motherhood and the details associated to her personal life.


Anne Robinson is a beauty of Irish descent. Anne Robinson wiki page illustrates that her date of birth is on the 26th of September, 1944. She was born to mother Anne Josephine who was an alcoholic. She was also an agricultural businesswoman who owned the largest poultry dealing business in North England.

Childhood and Early Life

Anne Robinson wiki page states that she was enrolled in the Roman Catholic convent boarding school. She then was hired as a chicken gutter in the family business and also worked occasionally as a saleswoman. She chose the field of journalism over working in the theater after she left school and her career in the same has made Anne Robinson net worth rise to a great amount.


Anne Robinson career started off with journalism. she started training for the theater and after working in a news agency, she arrived in London as the first young female trainee, she has also been known for her work in 'The Sunday Times'. She has also worked for Liverpool Echo.

A controversy involving her came out in the year 1982. She attended a formal dinner by Queen Elizabeth II. She noted that Princess of Wales, Diana arrived late. This led Robinson to investigate the case and it was known that Diana was suffering from an eating disorder. Anne Robinson was told to be removed from the position of editor from the Dialy mirror. This led her to be removed from the post.

She has also appeared in a huge number of British newspapers like Today, The Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun etc. she has also appeared in the BBC Television on 1982 and has also been the occasional panelist for Question Time. Apart from this, she has also appeared in the television program Watchdog and her role in Watchdog has been appreciated widely.

Anne Robinson has also made name for being the host of the game show named The Weakest Link. Anne Robinson wiki indicates the fact that Anne Robinson career has reached better heights particularly because of her work in the hit game show. She has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show whereby she declared herself as a bad mother too.

Personal Life and Marriage

Anne Robinson has been married twice. She first got married to her longtime boyfriend Charles Wilson, the couple had a pretty good relationship until she became an alcoholic and the couple got a divorce in the year 1973. She lost the custody battle for her only child Emma to her husband. Her husband Charles was granted the sole custody of the pair’s child. Emma lived with her father until she left for a boarding school.

Anne Robinson wiki also states that she is an admitted alcoholic. After an incident which involved Anne Robinson driving home from her child’s school and stopping on the way to buy vodka, she left drinking alcohol and has been sober since. To document her life as a mother who could not get the custody battle of her child, she has released the memoir called Memoirs of an Unfit mother.

Anne Robinson personal life has been a subject of public scrutiny. She has also been known to have married John Penrose in the year 1980. The couple had a pretty strong relationship which stood the course of time for over 27 years. Citing irreconcilable differences, the couple got a divorce from each other on 2007.

Facts and Net Worth

Anne Robinson has once been diagnosed with skin cancer, which she has treated. She is a personality who has been the subject of several controversies. She has been known to have asked Olly Smith to feel her breasts when he called her a full-bodied, expensive red.

She has also made John Noakes cry after asking about his dead pet according to Anne Robinson wiki. She has also been a vocal supporter of fox hunting and has been criticized for her ideas about fox hunting.  She had been a key support of the pro-hunt cause and she has also been known to have ridden with the White Horse Hunt as claimed by The Guardian.

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