Alina Cho Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Boyfriend, Married, Career and Rumors

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Alina Cho net worth has always started an average person. Alina Cho net worth alone shows her caliber as a correspondent. Cho is regarded as one of the most fashionable journalists of all time and her dressing style and makeup most of the time stem from her passion for fashion and lifestyle.


Favorite Alina Cho has been popular as a demanding correspondent for a long time. She has hosted CNN’s ‘Fashion Backstage Pass’. This is one of her remarkable contributions to nation’s largest news network. This American journalist works as a general assignment correspondent for CNN’s New York bureau. She is also an editor at Large at Ballantine Bantam Dell.


Alina Cho who is one of the accomplished professional as a journalist is living in Manhattan and Southampton in New York as of now. By looking at the beautiful face of Alina Cho it is kind of evident that she must be from an Asian background and she surely is. Cho is from South Korean family even though she is born in Vancouver, Washington in the United States. She was born on January 1, 1971. The correspondent is running in her mid-forties but Alina Cho career has not fallen short yet.

Early life and education

By looking at Alina Cho’s performance and her skills, it is vivid that they have not been developed overnight. A rigour practice which is backed up by quality education has definitely played a great role. She has attained degrees from world-class educational institutions. She went to M.S from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism to give her career interest a rigid form.

Alina Cho has gone to Boston College to get her B.A degree. Apart from these, Cho has been acknowledged for her outstanding contributions to journalism with an honorary doctorate from Old Dominion University. By looking at her education history, anyone would be inspired to be career oriented.

Career and net worth

The host of The Atelier with Alina Cho at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York has built quite a career in journalism. Alina Cho’s television career started in Chicagoland television and she has worked with ABC and CNBC before joining CNN.

Cho reporting aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina, live coverage of 2008 presidential election are some of her excellent deed for CNN. Also, she reported from inside communist North Korea.

Besides these, Cho has also hosted ‘Big stars, big giving’ which is a popular celebrity show which the main theme is to show charitable works done by celebrities especially the popular ones.

Given all the affiliations and contributions, Alina Cho net worth has always been into the picture. Alina Cho net worth is known to be $3 million dollars. Alina Cho net worth and Alina Cho career as a fashion journalist are like two wheels of a chariot when anyone talks about the correspondent.


Personal life and spouse

Alina Cho closet is more open than her personal life. Alina Cho married and dating life has always been under the shadows but as far as we can track she has not been married yet. However, it is worth imagining thoughts regarding how Alina Cho married life would be. Well, that is yet to be discovered.

Alina Cho has always been able to hit the mark when it comes to attire and style. She has maintained a good network with a wide range of fashion designers and celebrities and among those fashion designers; Cho is a big fan of Michael Kors who is a famous New York City-based American sportswear fashion designer. According to her, he is not only talented, amazing and philanthropic, but also a fun person and she love being around him.  To this internet contains many Alina Cho rumours related to Cho being attracted to the designer which is definitely not true.

Talking about Alina Cho’s closet, she has got a wide range of collections of dresses and accessories. Cho explains every single piece of her closet with some incredible flavour of glamour and style like every single thing had a purpose. She basically wears skirts in the interviews but Alina Cho rumours follow that her interviews are always complimented by her attire.

Alina Cho has got a very nice apartment in Manhattan and this apartment basically resembles Alina Cho net worth. Her home has been made beautiful, filled with vibrant colours and personality with the help of decorator Bibi Monnahan. On the top of that, every inch of her apartment depicts glamour, style and girly look which are worth praising.

Awards, achievements and recognitions

Alina Cho’s contributions have been acknowledged and she has been a significant part of Peabody and Emmy award-winning CNN team which covered the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina. The journalist is active in social media like twitter and facebook.


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