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Adela Micha is a journalist who has been known for her work in the radio and several television newscasts around the world. Adela Micha radio career has been most recognized by her fans around the world and she has also been the pioneer of the big Brother show in Mexico. She is a beauty of Mexican nationality and her ethnicity is Jewish. She has also been known for her work in Las Noticias for Adela, which is the version of Big Brother in Mexico.


Adela Micha was born on the 25th of May, 1963. Adela Micha age as of now is known to be 53 years. She was born in Mexico City in Mexico.

Early Life

Adela Micha was interested in the radio and television fraternity since a very small age. She started her work in several radio and TV news shows and has been actively involved in it since a very small age. She graduated from the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo.


Adela Micha radio career started off shortly after her graduation. Adela Micha career encompasses several television and radio news shows. She has appeared in the highlights of special reports like Confesiones Desde la carcel con Gloria Trevi, She has also been the part of cultural events including the ;likes of La Muerte del poet Jaime Sabines. She has also been the part of the technology show like El hello negro.

Adela Micha has also pioneered the Big Brother reality show. She was a major personality who started the Mexican version of the show and also conducted it for two seasons.

Adela Micha radio career as well as her television career has included interviewing several high-profile personalities like Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Rigoberta Menchú,  Luciano Pavarotti, Victoria Abril, Alfonso Cuarón, Salma Hayek, María Félix, Susan Sarandon, Vicente Fox, Shakira, , Fonseca, Alejandra Guzmán, Los Tigres del Norte, Thalía, Carlos Fuentes, and Anita Borg, Martha Sahagún, Fernando Botero, Alejandro Fernández, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Rosario Robles, Gael García, Bill Clinton, Richard Gere, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, U2, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and many more. she has also had the chance to interview Consuelo Gonzalez, who is one of the two women rescued from Operation Emmanuel and she has also interviewed the FARC hostage called Ingrid Betancourt.

From Washington and Asia, Adela Micha has specifically covered stories. She has also had herself authored profile included in Screams and Whispers, called Gritos y susurrus in English. It is a book about the 36 best women in Mexico.

Micha is also an actress who has worked in several hit series and shows. She has been known for the roles she has portrayed on Cuidado…Mujeres Tra Bajan do along with Big brother Mexico.

Personal Life and Marriage

Adela Micha seems to be a notoriously secretive personality. Sher has never been known to have dated anyone from inside the entertainment fraternity and is a pretty well-known beauty. She has never had a boyfriend who has been revealed to the general public as well. Adela Micha personal life is pretty well hidden and it seems that she is single as of now. She has never been married and has not mothered any children yet. It can certainly be said that this secretive personality surely has had some flings in the past, but wishes to disclose very less about the matter to her dutiful fans.

Facts and Net worth

For a fact, it has been known that Adela Micha speaks many languages. She knows the languages like English, Spanish, and French. She has also won several awards for Somos o nos ha chemos, Cuidado and has also been the winner of the New york Latin ACE Award.

Adela Micha wiki page also states that she gas been the recipient of the Honoris Cusa degree from the University of Veracruz. She has also been known for the winner of the award from the rector of the UPAV. There were several guests in the ceremony.

She has also been the subject of tabloids when she was misconducted during the award ceremony of the UPAV. There were people who were discontent with the way she did her business, thus throwing eggs at her. One egg hit her shoulder. The misfortunate event was criticized by many and also bu the outgoing president Felipe Calderon.

 Adela Micha net worth has certainly improved considerably over the past few years, considering the fact that she has had a pretty well talked about a career which has been followed closely by news tabloids. She is a beauty with brains and has won the hearts of millions for her appearances on screen. Adela Micha net worth is estimated to be around a million dollars but the exact amount has not been revealed to her fans.


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