What is emo culture?

Emo culture which literally a short form for the word “emotional”, is generally a booming subculture which has got a way through this modern culture of fashions and fads. It is generally adopted by teenagers who try to feature themselves as a trendy, diversified and deviated culture from the mainstream trends. They are looked upon in this normal society as a depressed ,and frustrated people by the normal people but in a sense they though look bit ridiculous ,and weird in many of the  fashions, they are not .They have the style of their own taste and choice who have kind of brand obsessed. They don’t seem to be disciplined and expected with reasonable personality but they have got their own sense of style and reasons to believe on. Though they are introvert, they have scathed their own trail of finding emotional bound and relation with their vicinity so sometimes they seem to be like a out of the blue creatures.

This subculture is also audience driven behavior which relates to a music lover people, seem like a melodramatic and well obsessed with music who genuinely try to replicate that inclination towards their lifestyle, their choice of choosing pals, comrades, camaraderie though every traits and attributes of it solely incorporates in restive, tranquil and nostalgic mode. And this has become a blooming trend in the world of showcasing this culture in different vibrant tv shows like MTV   which are being embraced by the new generation. Though it refers to gothic, they have their own fashion sense which usually infatuates and entice the youth culture since it is eye soothing too which has been accentuated by different styles of straightened and layers on one side, clothing by skinny jeans, vintage looking tshirts, and studded belts. The replica and persona of sensitive and remorse, contrite feelings really builds an image of sophistication, melodramatic versions are also applied here.

Media usually believe it that this culture is associated to self harm and self destruction whereas this is not the exact replica of it. They are creative, soft hearted, and very decisive and determined who want to create their own niche and aroma in the surrounding. They like to involve themselves in different gigs, poetry, writing field lauded with their own creative imaginative world .Emo cultures include different rock styles of gothic like death rock, post – punk, dark wave, ethereal wave, neoclassical and heavy metallic cultures. So since every fashion has their own importance, every trend once a time rules the roost.

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