Three Ways to Make A Man Love You

Men are always easy for women to get. But do men really love you or they are just hitting you are you are just a fling for him. To create a love or affection for women can be difficult but it is not impossible. You should always be aware of what your men like or what they really need and what they expect from you. Men are the creature who likes to be cared and to be trusted. You cannot force any men to love you. It should be natural. Here are some ideas that will certainly help all women to make the men love you as you get ready to get loved by your man.


Change yourself to the way that your man wants. Man definitely notices the change in you. I can assure you that they really wanna taste the updated version of you. Get some lovely attitude and a smile but be yourself. A little confidence is more helpful. The thing you must understand is that doesn’t try to change you men and don’t get too personal. Give him his space and don’t be too strict. You have to put some effort on being clean, do some make ups and buy some new clothes for yourself. Stay fit and keeps a fresh breath. Do not show overconfidence and over attitude.



The easiest way of making your man happy is by taking care of him. Is it hard to take care of a man who you love? Let your men know how much you take care of him. You can simply text your man by saying how was his day by the end of a day. But do not irritate him all day by asking his schedule and his conditions and blah blah blah. Never try to change his plan or adding your plan to his plan. Support him for his work and his activities. Don’t let him down in front of his friends. Flatter him in the way he likes and make him feel that you are comfortable with him. Ask him out when he have no plans and even better if you pick him up. Give him a hug, flirt with him and even tease him in limit because they like it in that way. Try to do something which makes him happy and finally you both can be happy.


Never try to create a distance between you and your man. Long distance can seriously affect the current relationship. Don’t let your men forget your vibe. Always try to get connected and be in communication. Distance can dilute your love. Don’t miss the opportunity to see him and to share your feelings. Listen to him and try to bring him near but don’t get yourself closer. It means you are an intruder in his space. If you are unable to meet physically try to get connected through phone and internet. If you can’t maintain physical distance then keep your emotional distance.

Apply these things in your life and see changes. And see how your man comes to you. It is not how you think but how you show your love.

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