Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner was born in Northampton of the United Kingdom on Wednesday, February 21, 1996. One of the most famous actresses in the UK, Sophie is best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones for the last three years, which earned her a Young Artist Award nomination as the Best Supporting Young Actress in a TV. The show is her television debut.

She moved to Warwick at the age of two and attended Warwick Prep School from ages 4 to 11 and while attending the Kings High School she became a member of a local theatre group from a young age. Sophie continues to study drama at the prestigious Playbox Theatre in Warwick.

Sophie was born in leap year. The 17-year-old turner, who had landed the role after her drama teacher’s encouragement, plays the selfish and oft-hated Princess of Winterfell in HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones—leading her own and the show’s status to a new height.

The most sought after celebrity with Pisces sign is a huge fan of Jack Nocholson. The actress with 5 feet 8 inches height and weighing 57 kgs is equally gorgeous and works well as a blonde or a ginger doesn’t matter—her eyes are a light storm cloud gray that just pops, One of the busiest celebrities in the UK, turner is on the main role in the indie thriller film named Panda Eyes based on the novel Another Me by Catherine MacPhail. The film began shooting in November 2012 in the United Kingdom as well as in Barcelona, Spain. Panda Eyes will make its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013. In an interview, Sophie has said, “I have three main inspirations for acting; Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning and Cameron Diaz because of the variation between all of the character”.

The 17-year-old actress was enrolled at private school King's High in Warwick, England, has quit the college. She now studies with a private tutor instead stating that her teacher talked down to her. "I found it really difficult when teachers talked down to me. I thought to myself, 'Shouldn't we be having an interesting conversation here?"

Teenage Sophie has not clearly mentioned who her boyfriend is but in an interview with she says, “My relationship with Maisie, Isaac, Richard and Art is great! I would have to say that Maisie is definitely one of my best friends, we spent SO much time on and off set that we couldn’t help but be friends and when you are with someone more than you are with school friends then it’s impossible not to get to know each other; Maisie is my other half!”

Sophie Turner, one of the stars of TV’s Game of Thrones, is watched by millions of people and there are countless websites devoted to the character she plays in the hit drama. It is an interesting fact to know that her mother gives her a daily list of household chores and, just in case that doesn’t do it, her two older brothers often watch her acting work and usually end up telling her ‘That was awful!’. Sophie who is reluctant to accept hard drinks enjoys virgin mojito sometimes. The interesting fact about Sophie is that she is not currently on Faceboook or any other social media website except on Twitter. One can tweet her on @Sophiee_Turner.

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