Mistakes that new parents make

According to WHO (world health organization), population growth rate of world is very high. And the rate is increasing day by day. And it means in every day many new babies came to this world and maximum population became father and mother. As a father / mother they do many mistakes. Some common mistakes are:

Mistake no 1.  Believing others opinion:

As a new mother / father, you worried about your babies and about their behaviour. In their child hood babies sucks their thumb, they cry and so on. As a parents you thought, is this ok? And you start to take advice from your friends, relatives and others. And surely, they advised you. Someone told you it is ok to suck their thumb and another one told you it is bad.  In that case the only opinion matters are yours. A child psychiatrist and author of St. Martin’s Says, "If you follow everyone else's advice, you give up the most creative role in your life."

Mistake no 2. Negligence about babies:

After everyday’s feeding soothing and diapering, you filled irritating and you stopped doing this. And it causes weakness in child and yourself also. In that case you have to hire a caretaker who helps you to doing all this things and. you won’t feel irritating again.

Mistake no 3. Neglecting oral care:

 Many new parents don’t think about their newborns teeth or oral health until it is too late, your baby is never too young for you to start encouraging good oral health habits. So don’t give your infant milk in the bed once teeth have erupted. Use wet gauge to wipe down yours baby gums.

Mistake no 4. Comparing your baby with others:

You compare your children with others in front of your children. You compare your kids behaviour with others kids. This behaviour makes your children nerves and your kids lose his confident.

Mistake no 5. Fighting in front of your babies:

IF u fights in front of your children then they pick every word that you said to others. “Even a 3 months old pick up vibes” so if you are going to fight then, first, you should think about your kids. If you start fight again and again then definitely your kids learn such behaviour, which damage your kid’s future.

Mistake no 6. Putting you last:

If you don’t give enough time to your own need then after sometime your confidence fades and after sometime you lose your confidence which is not a good signs for you and your kids. So, make sure that you got some support from others.

Mistake no 7. Not giving enough time for kids:

Many parents do this mistake. They think that their kids understand what they are doing and they didn’t manage enough time for them. Which makes kids alone and they do wrong thinks in their life. In that case you should managed little bit time for yours kids and you have to listen them seriously. If you listen them, they think that they are special for you.

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