Nepali Congress Back In First Position

Nepali congress strongly leads in the direct voting system of constitution assembly held in Nepal. In Kathmandu, the 58-year-old Rajendra K.C was the talk of the town in a big reason. He defeated UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, in the polls with a huge margin in Kathmandu constituency-10. Also, another young leader of Nepali congress Gagan Thapa won the constitution assembly in Kathmandu constituency – 4 with big margin. This assembly helps congress to make new Nepal. According to sources, Nepali Congress is elected in 104 places all over the country in the direct voting system and became the new largest politician party in Nepal. In Kathmandu's 10 constituencies, Nepali Congress won seven seats. This information shows how the retake their position which they lose in 1st constituent assemble held in 2064.


                                    Young leader of Nepali Congress Gagan Thapa voting

In every field, if there is positive side than there is also negative side. Nepali Congress became the new largest party in Nepal which is positive side for them and this wins means they have to take responsibility to make new constituent and this is not an easy task. They should convinced UML and UCPN and their views are completely different and this task is challenging task for them (Nepali congress).

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