How to Be Happy In a Relationship by Doing These 8 Easy Things

You probably noticed that there are couples whose relationships are so stable that they hear about family quarrels only from neighbours. And how do they manage to maintain their exemplary status forgetting about daily problems and stresses, without turning their relationships into an armed clash? The main thing is in certain tactics of partners’ behaviour, which allow creating harmony where others have conflict. So, we will tell you some secret techniques on how to build strong and healthy relationships. By the way, if you look for Ukrainian brides for marriage, this guide may also come in handy. 

1. Be happy

The basic rule for all of us: to be happy with yourself, that is, to know and accept yourself and love yourself the way you are. Build your life so that those people around you become charged with your positive, energetic, and kindness. And after all, happiness is within you, in your soul, in your perception of the world, in your self-knowledge.

2. General picture

Psychological distancing in the context of discussion can sound like something negative, which rather contradicts a lasting union that preserves it. But in fact, it is an adaptive tactic in a stress environment that fosters a favourable relationship by accepting different points of view. Instead of evaluating one’s own relationships with specific, instantaneous events (such as quarrels or claims), psychological distancing allows us to see the overall picture and releases partners from negative perceptions of living together.

3. Stress management

When a partner experiences stress in a couple, it is inevitably transferred to a loved one. Studies show that the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in a romantic relationship is often synchronized between partners. In other words, when it comes to stress, there is a psychophysiological connection between a man and a woman. And when there is a stress among one of the partners, the best solution is to try to deal with it together.

4. Ability to perceive the partner’s problems

Mindfulness is a very useful tool for solving emerging problems. It is able to reduce emotional tension and establish relations after the conflict. It promotes the acquisition of positive communication skills within a couple. Partners, who are aware of their interaction, are able to support each other and cope with any sources of stress that arise when living together.

5. Surprises

Make surprises to your loved one. Even if you rarely go to the cinema or the theatre, you yourself know what your soulmate likes and is interested in. Invite your partner somewhere, having warned not to plan anything for this evening. Wear beautiful clothes. If you are married, this doesn’t mean that life should become grey and monotonous.

6.  Ability to express gratitude

Showing respect to a partner is a good habit that can allow you to strengthen relationships in the long run. Recent research indicates that gratitude is unconsciously used by spouses as a protective factor against divorce. This means that respect for a partner is the key conditions that stabilize and develop relationships.

7. Free zone

There are many important and interesting cases that need to be paid attention to. First, it will be a kind of distraction, allowing you to step back from the home problem and understand the way to solve it or that this problem doesn’t exist at all. Secondly, insufficient attention to third-party matters can lead to the emergence of external problems that will cause consequences for a relationship within a couple. And thirdly, there must always be time for personal affairs or hobbies, which are important for you. This can be a source of positive emotions, and they, in turn, are the mainstay of a lasting relationship.

8.  Friendship with other people

Partners often turn to each other for support. But the most important thing is that partners also encourage friendship and close social ties beyond their relationships in a truly healthy couple. Friends are an important source of support. And meeting external communication needs can actually reduce the likelihood of stressful situations between partners. That is, the presence of good friends makes it easier to survive the difficult times, which will be of great benefit for maintaining strong relations.

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