How and why Gagan Kumar Thapa win?

Gagan Kumar Thapa is a member of central committee member of the Nepali Congress. He was also the former member of the constituent assembly (2008 – 2012). In the 2008 Constituent Assembly election he was selected from the proportional allocation of the Nepali Congress. He was in the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle of the Constituent Assembly and the Natural Resources and Means committee of the Legislative Parliament. He recently won the membership of CA election. Many of the opinion arise when he won the election with far different from the competitor. He is a young leader of Nepalese politics from Nepali Congress.

The following topics found as how and why Gagan Kumar Thapa win:

1)      The recent politics scenario arises for new constitution assembly. It seems the need of young leader.

2)      The fair past political background of Gagan Kumar Thapa.

3)      He is a young leader of Nepali Congress.

4)      New trust level arises for Nepali Congress.

5)      Poor competitor and competitor level from other parties.

6)      New younger needed for new constitution assembly for writing constitution.

7)      The trust level of him from different sector.

8)      He has a far vision to develop the country.

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