Do Gender Roles Really Change Because of Feminism?

The subject of gender roles in society is definitely one of the controversial and debatable topics of modernity. Everything changes and modern men and women are not the same as they have once been. We live in the era of feminism with women being equal to men for the first time in thousands of years. For some it is difficult to deal with, others refuse to acknowledge this fact while there are also people who enjoy this wonderful fact. Speaking of gender roles today means having a conversation about feminism.

The following article won’t make any conclusions, nor will it judge or provide an opinion. It will only make you more aware of how different the times we live in today are from the former times in terms of gender roles in society. We also interviewed the opinion of Ukrainian brides who helped write this article.


A lot in our lives is defined by money. Our jobs often define who we are because what we do affects us greatly. Traditional gender roles in regard to career opportunities have always been unfair to women. Women have traditionally been given less respectful jobs. Women have also received a much lower salary than men throughout history. Logically, the majority of women were unable to build careers or contribute significantly to society. Even today in America, women earn somewhat around 5-10% less than men.

But that is good because this percentage gets lower each day. Women now make presidents, senators, ministers, coal miners, astronauts, pilots, even wrestlers, and soldiers. There is no longer a gender role that defines what a woman can or should do. A woman can do anything much the same as any other human being, the same as any man.


Dating cultures, as well as family affairs, also shift towards equality. A man can sit at home while a woman earns money. Or they both earn, or they both sit at home. Everything is possible nowadays because there are no gender roles today. Gender roles are a product of history, it is in the past. Modern family is founded on the principles of equality, at least in the Western hemisphere.

But everything goes towards worldwide male-female equality. That is because women can now work the same as men or even better in case men are incapable of that. It is not that man became less manly. No, it is the fact that women became more humane. They’re no longer treated as housewives and mothers only. Neither is a woman treated as a supplementary to a man.


Unfortunately, not all cultures prefer equality. In the Middle East, India, South-Eastern Asia, China, Caucasus, and some African countries patriarchic traditions are still strong. And these countries contain more than half of the world’s population. Therefore, gender roles in different cultures are different. While in the West there’s no longer such thing as “gender role”, most  women remain to be oppressed in numerous other countries in the East. Therefore, culture defines gender role or the absence of such roles. Religion and historical heritage are especially important because nothing happens spontaneously.

The difference between West and East has always been presented. The difference in gender roles is one of the many components of this difference. You can see today that gender roles in the media make it clear that we people in the West no longer judge a human being by gender. Therefore, there are no longer any gender roles. Women can play any roles and men can also play any roles. Only in the East, a woman is still expected to be a mother and housewife, though, even this changes pretty quickly. Therefore, the answer to the question is affirmative: gender roles did change because of feminism and they continue to change.

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