Commitment of Gagan Thapa

The recently own member of Constitution Assembly, Gagan Kumar Thapa has committed to organize, develop and manage all over the system of country and his own region of Constitution Assembly Kathmandu – 4.

The following lists of points are collection from his commitment paper:

  1. The new Constitution Assembly must be a successful to write and publish new constitution. Most of the voters who voted me are requested me as they want’ see again for constitution assembly election.
  2. The second, we must agree to develop the rapid growth system in economic field. We should change the system of country to rule in the best way to lead as a developing country not an under develop country.
  3. The third, I must back to the voters to solve their problems, gather them to lead to develop and organize their own system and jobs as community. Like :
    1. A different parliamentary membership office, where people can accuse to their issues.
    2. To make a perfect planning to be a developed region for the sector.
  4. The following points to make the region as a developed  region:
    1. Sanitary management.
    2. Water supply management
    3. Resource development
    4. Health programs
    5. Educational programs
    6. Tourism sector development
    7. Pushupati Temple (main tourism area)
    8. Garden and Sports stadium
    9. Generate power from wastage items
    10. CA member development account
    11. Region development account
    12. Youth information center
    13. Community Development center

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