10 Reasons to Use of Lemons

We use lemons almost every day for culinary and non-culinary purposes, which give sour taste of juice and other drinks and foods. This fruit is used around the world for cooking, baking, preserving foods, adding flavors, cleaning, and medicine and so on. Such a multiple-use fruit is natively from Asia and it is considered that this fruit is a hybrid form of sour orange and citron. This fruit has some disadvantages like it may badly affect migraine, destroy tooth enamel with its acid and few others, however, this fruit is more useful in every dimension of human life. Among various uses of this fruit, some of them can be:

        1.     It is rich in vitamin C and also includes vitamin B complex, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and various other nutritious.

  1. It lowers the level of blood sugar and thus avoids the risk of diabetes, purifies the blood and improves the digestive and immune system, relieves from constipation as well.
  2. It is used to cure or soothen many diseases by applying on skin or eating the lemon juice. This fruit is useful in reducing cholesterol in the body, minimizing the risk of heart disease, decreasing the risk of kidney stones, calcium deposits and even in stopping the divisions of cancer cells. This fruit is useful medicine for mouth, stomach, lung, breast and skin cancer.
  3. It is a magical medicine for pimple, blackhead, ache, dandruff control and many skin diseases.
  4. It reduces toxins in the body by stimulating liver and enzyme function.
  5. Lemon aids in losing your weights with its pectin fiber and reduces anxiety and depression.
  6. It helps you enegize your body and fight viral infections.
  7. It is helpful in lowering blood pressure and increasing the levels of high-density lipoprotein.
  8. Lemon juice is believed to be useful in common cold and gastric problem.
  9. This fruit is also useful in improving breathing/respiratory system and works as an anti-oxidant.

This little yellow fruit is very useful for our good health. Moreover, it is important as a good cleaner, deodorizer for garbage, humidifier, face cleanser and many more. This fruit must be the integral part of every household, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this little powerful fruits.

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