Rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away last month at the age of 33

Rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away last month at the age of 33. Nipsey’s untimely death left his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Asghedom in tears. Tanisha is the mother of Nipsey’s daughter Emani Asghedom. Tanisha is still so heartbroken that she didn’t attend her ex-boyfriend’s funeral. But enough talk about Nipsey’s past relationship with Tanisha. Following his death, Nipsey is survived by his loving girlfriend Lauren London and his son with the estranged girlfriend, Kross Asghedom.

Nipsey’s funeral was on April 11 at 2:45 p.m at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, after he was tragically shot and murdered on March 31. Many are wondering why baby mama Tanisha Asghedom did not attend Nipsey’s funeral. Fans are divided over whether Tanisha should have attended the funeral of her daughter’s father. On Asghedom’s official Instagram, her fans are siding with her and defending her from criticisms over her actions. Likewise, Lauren London’s supporters seem to be spreading hurtful comments on Tanisha’s social media, with many calling Tanisha a “stupid f***ing gold-digging wh*re”.

Fans of Lauren London believe that Tanisha only loves Nipsey for his money. Many say that Tanisha at least owed him the respect to attend his memorial service as she is a mother of his child, as well as being her former lover. Nipsey’s fans all over the world are left wondering what made Tanisha abandon Nipsey’s funeral service. Was it because of the baby mama’s feud at times with Nipsey’s other girlfriend Lauren London? Lauren, who is the mother of Nipsey’s son Kross Asghedom, had a feud with Tanisha some time ago. The feud gained wide publicity, but the enraged duo refuses to reveal the real reason behind their fighting.

Here are the possible reasons for Tanisha Asghedom getting angry at Nipsey’s wife Lauren London and abandoning his funeral.

Tanisha Asghedom Had A Controversial Feud with Nipsey’s Girlfriend Lauren London

Nipsey Hussle’s past girlfriends Tanisha Asghedomo and Lauren London got into a controversy over him. The duo argued on Twitter, with Tanisha posting a tweet saying that Nipsey called her and told her how much love he still has for Tanisha. Tanisha feels attached to Nipsey and feels she deserves his love and affection.

Likewise, Lauren feels that Tanisha should stay away from Nipsey and move on with her life. Lauren too is heartbroken by her partner’s death. She believed she would eventually marry Nipsey and settle down with her beautiful children. The two reportedly exchanged verbal insults and threatened to harm each other by hiring contract killers. However, the “hiring mafia hitmen” part is just a rumor, as the two ladies are of peaceful nature and would never hurt a soul.

Tanisha bears Nipsey’s last name, Asghedom, as his real name is Ermias Asghedom. Lauren and Tanisha don't get along with each other, that much is evident. There’s a blood bath of verbal cursing and racial slurs directed at each other by the angry girlfriend duo. Lauren London was Nipsey’s girlfriend and lover before his death, with many speculating that Lauren was married to Nipsey at a secret wedding ceremony hosted at an undisclosed location.

Perhaps, Tanisha was in Nipsey’s funeral secretly, hiding in the audience and crying into her tissue papers. One fan commented on Tanisha’s absence in Nipsey’s burial service, “She shoulda been there to support her daughter. Her daughter is all alone and she just like abandons her. Not cool, yo.” Emani surely needed her mother’s warm hands to hold her during such times of difficulty. Emani felt alone and vulnerable. She surely went through a lot of trauma, witnessing her father in the coffin.

Tanisha Asghedom Cannot Bear The Pain Of Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Death

Tanisha Asghedom loves her ex-boyfriend very much. Even after his death, Tanisha misses Nipsey day after day. She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram immediately after hearing news of her ex-partner’s death. Her eyes were tearful and she could barely speak with the shock she felt upon losing the beloved father of her only daughter Emani. Emani is Nipsey’s eldest daughter.

Further, Emani’s mother Tanisha took to her Instagram to pay a tribute to her late ex-boyfriend. In a heartfelt post, she wrote that she still loves Nipsey and she’s sorry for being mad at him. Tanisha calls her ex-boyfriend by his nickname Ermy when she loves him and by his real name Ermias when she’s mad at him.



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One of the reasons for Tanisha not being at Nipsey’s funeral to wave him a final goodbye is that she is too emotional. Tanisha probably feels she would break down crying when she sees her baby father lying in the coffin. Baby mama Lauren London and Nipsey's daughter Emani and son Kross were present at his burial service. Tanisha cannot express how devastating it feels to lose her former lover. She keeps her pain to herself and decided not to go. Nipsey’s earnings from his album will go to his children. Emani and Kross are set for life as they will receive millions of dollars in child support to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Tanisha Asghedom Has Moved On With Her New Boyfriend

Tanisha Ashgedom is not your average crybaby ex-girlfriend. Since her breakup with late boyfriend Nipsey in 2017, Tanisha is in a romantic relationship with her mysterious new boyfriend whose name she keeps hidden. She is deeply in love with her new partner and likes to keep her past to herself. The media are trying to make her speak up about her messy relationship with her dead ex-boyfriend. However, Tanisha has expressed that she has moved on with her life and loves to make a new beginning in her love and dating life.

Also, she still remembers her feud with Nipsey's girlfriend. Tanisha is definitely safe with her new boyfriend at the moment. The lovebirds spend time together and cuddle in bed to keep each other warm. They might have many other plans in the future, like engagement and eventually marriage.

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