Jillian Michaels Family – Partner Rhoades Children, Sister and Parents

Jillian Michaels has achieved that milestone which millions of people dream of. She has made hundreds of life by her training sessions that include yoga, meditation, and exercise. In short, Jillian is a Personal trainer and hosts a health podcast, The Jillian Michaels show that talks about fitness. Meanwhile, she is also a mother of two children and sweetheart of lesbian partner. She is a mother of a son, Phoenix, and daughter, Lukensia. Furthermore Jillian Michaels family also includes fiancee, Heidi Rhoades. Not to mention, the mother of two, Jillian is a daughter of Douglas McKarus and Joann McKarus.

Jillian Michaels family: With her kids Phoenix and Lukensia.

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Details on Jillian Michaels Family

Jillian Michaels family was in Los Angeles, California when she was born. She was raised in Santa Monica with her father, Douglas McKarus who was a lawyer. When she was in grade eight and at the age of twelve, her father, and mother, Joann McKarus divorced and separated. Also, she faced abusive verbal attack from her friend regarding her height of 5 foot 3-inch. Another member remaining in Jillian Michaels family is her sister, Lauren Michaels.

Jillian Michaels family

Another integral part of Jillian Michaels family, her sister Lauren Michaels.

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Jillian's sister Lauren is an actress known for her work on Fortunex and Tales from Apartment 8.

Jillian Lives with two Sweet Children and Fiancee Rhoades

As mentioned earlier, Jillian is lesbian and engaged to her Lesbian partner, Heidi Rhoades. The couple exchanged an engagement ring on March 8, 2016, in a romantic way. Jillian prepared a video including all the reminisces about their relationship. Both showered with tears after watching the video.

Jillian Michaels family

Jillian Michaels family pedicure: Jillian and Heidi are taking their child for their first pedicure.

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Though they weren't in formal engagement dress, the ceremony became formal when she offered engagement ring. They were dating since 2009, but Jillian made the formal announcement in 2010. After two years, Jillian's partner Rhoades gave birth to a baby boy, Phoenix-born in March. In the same week, Jillian and partner adopted a 2-year-old girl, Lukensia. In fact, Lukensia was adopted after a long process of adoption. Jillian, and Rhoades, however, love her dearly and tells her frequently that she was born in their hearts. Also, they have given her a surname Michaels Rhoades. You might be interested in Jillian Michaels Net worth. Jillian Michaels family

Mother Jillian, and daughter, Lukensia looks adorable as they pose for the camera.

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Very soon, the engaged couple might get married and add another child: third child to add Jillian Michaels family. Furthermore, Jillian Michaels family also consists a business partner Giancarlo Chersich, a good friend circle, and a lot of pets. Yes, in Jillian Michaels blog, she had mentioned that she is a pet lover and have rescued and sheltered forty of them. She added;

"I have 3 dogs, 1 rabbit, 2 cats, 4 horses, 1 parrot, 1 parrot, 4 ducks, a wild goose, 14 chickens, a desert tortoise, tons of fish, and a partridge in a pear tree (kidding on this one)"

Jillian's love for her rescue horse Buzz is really cute. Buzz was saved from Pregnant Mares' Urine, PMU ranch. Jillian is known to visit her giant dog once or twice a week. Pet lover Jillian's day back home gets fun and happy with welcoming wagging tails of her dogs, Harley who is a Shih Tzu mix and another pup Seven who is an Italian greyhound mix. And now she has another one.


Nothin' like a little puppy love to brighten your day ????

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