Zain Verjee

Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth February 11, 1974
Nationality Candaian
Profession Journalist
Working for CNN International
Ethnicity South Indian
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A (Husband)
Qualification Graduation
Education at York University, McGill University
Net Worth(s) N/A
Name on Birth Zain Verjee
Divorce N/A
Height 5' ft 9" inch
Weight N/A
Religion Islamic Muslim
Eye Color Brown, Blue
Hair Color Gray Black
Twitter @zainverjeecnn
Body Measurements N/A
Age 48 Years

Zain Verjee is a Kenyan born Canadian journalist and television presenter. Verjee works as a co-anchor of CNN International's European daytime program World One.


She was born on February 11, 1974 in Kenya as Zain Verjee.


She was born and raised in Kenya and later migrated to Canada. She grew up with her family and got her education in her birth place.  

School College

She completed her graduation from McGill University at Montreal and her post-graduation from York City University.

Father, Mother

Her personal details are not exposed in the public as she is not open to media when asked about her personal life.

Children Kids

She doesn’t have any children as she is not married till date.

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, dating and affair

Her relation with any boy or girl is unknown as her life is secretive.

Career Life and Jobs

Zain Verjee began her career in the field of anchoring when she was in Kenya by working at a local radio station. Her career took off when she joined a television network in Kenya. Making her life as a professional journalist, she started working as a producer, documentary presenter and also as an anchor for Kenya Television Network. While she was working for this network, she hosted a political talk show called ‘The Third Opinion’. Because of her amazing anchoring skills, knowledge on the subject matter and the ability to link related events she made the best out of the program. She was then offered a position for a period to work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  With all the knowledge, experience she had gained over the years in Kenya and other parts of the world, she then moved to the United States where she joined CNN. At CNN, she had the opportunities of covering numerous major news events, national and international stories that made breaking news. Among the many news she has covered, the major stories she has covered are conflict in the Middle East on September 11, 2001, India-Pakistan Agra Summit, the tail of of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic and many other terrorist attacks. During her working period at CNN, she has interviewed leaders of the world- Benazir Bhutto, the former president of Pakistan, Bill Clinton and others. Also, she has been the host of different shows at CNN like the World News, World Today, World Report, Situation Room and Q&A. While taping a report on an anti-government protest in Nairobi on January 16, 2008, Verjee was hit in the back by a tear gas canister fired by police; the attack was later broadcast on CNN. She was not seriously injured.

She has recently published "Live & On the Air", a children's book exploring the experiences of a young girl who moves from rural Kenya to Nairobi to work as a broadcaster. Verjee has also produced successful radio campaigns spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Polio.

Husband, Marriage and Divorce

She is still not married and happy with her single life. She hasn’t found love of her life till today as she is always busy in her works.

Hot, legs, feet and pictures

She is always in proper dress up she always dresses very sophisticated and ensures that she looks a professional. Her pictures can be found all over the internet. Many of her pictures can be found in the internet.

Height, weight and age

She has a great height making her look sexy. Her height is five feet and nine inches. She has well balanced her body weight and height making her looks sexy and beautiful. Her height has added more beauty to her body. Coming to her age she is 39 years old.

Nationality, Ethnicity, religion

She has a Canadian nationality and her ethnicity is south Indian. As her religion she is an Islamic Muslim.

Net Worth, Salary and income

She has a successful career in the field of anchoring. She is a well-known anchor of CNN. She is well paid from her employer as she is known for her dedicated towards her job and a hard work. She has a good income from her job which has earned her a million dollar’s net worth.

Body Measurements, Body Shape, Body figure

She has a well maintained body shape and figure. She looks very professional and glamorous. Her body figure is not revealed. She has perfect body that attracts every one of her fan towards her. She looks really great when she comes up with the combination of great outfit showing her well maintained legs and feet’s. She is always well dressed up and gives the image of a professional.

Awards and Achievement

She is delivering good performances. Her anchoring skills and her beauty hold in her viewers together. She is famously known for her hard work and dedication though she hasn’t received any awards. She is succeeding face in the field of anchoring. Looking at her work and dedication let’s hope that she will be awarded one day.

Gossip and Rumor News

There are no rumors about her she is a clean imaged TV personal. She has a good anchoring career along with an author career. She is living a happy life and has a bright future.

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