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Wendy Hurrell net worth is huge. Wendy Hurrell net worth increased because of her constant success in the field of media as a famous English Television presenter. Wendy Hurrell has inspired a large number of youths by her versatile personality as a famous media figure. She is one of the personalities who was successful in achieving big fame at an early age. Her works are inspirational and influential that can bring a big impact.


Wendy Hurrell is one of the famous personalities who is well known for presenting on television. She is an English television presenter who is currently working for BBC London as a weather presenter.


Wendy Hurrell was born in Norfolk, United Kingdom. She was born on May 24, 1982. Her current age is 34 years as of now.

Early life and Education

Wendy Hurrell who was born in Norfolk, grew up in Filby which is near to Great Yarmouth. Wendy Hurrell did her graduation from Goldsmiths College, London. According to various reports, it was found that she was very good in studies also which made her one of the famous personality of the world.

Career and Net worth

Wendy Hurrell started her career by broadcasting on Broadland 102FM radio station in Norwich. In 2003, she moved to Anglia Television as a production journalist. In 2004, she moved to the weather forecasting section to cover Sara Thornton’s maternity leave. She presented the Anglia program Bygones with Eddie Anderson in 2007.She moved to London to join BBC in September 2008 where she now presents the regional weather forecast on BBC Breakfast and BBC London News. Wendy Hurrell also announces the weather forecast on BBC London 94.9.Wendy Hurrell success did not come alone, it came by becoming associated with Wendy Hurrell rumors. Despite a large number of Wendy Hurrell rumors, she did not stop to work and she put back all her rumors and never let them come in the way of her work. Wendy Hurrell big success did not come alone it came being associated with rumors.

Wendy Hurrell net worth is huge though it is not clearly revealed yet. Wendy Hurrell net worth was not much in the early phase of her career and she did not have a  good job too. Wendy Hurrell net worth increased gradually with her work and success as famous English television presenter. Wendy Hurrell net worth will surely ascendant even more in future if she continues to work and continues to get success in this rapid rate. There is no doubt that Wendy Hurrell net worth will reach a very big height soon.

Personal life and Spouse     

Wendy Hurrell has not revealed anything about her boyfriends, dating, husband, marriage and divorces. She is a very secretive person and does not like to talk much about her personal life. She maintains a big distance between her personal and professional life and that is the main reason why she has succeeded in both of her life. Wendy Hurrell rumors were that she was married to her man and she had a daughter who was born in December 2015.Wendy Hurrell also tweeted her pro-pregnancy by posting some pictures of mother and daughter sharing a cozy moment. She has not revealed anything about her relationship with that mysterious husband about they are together yet or are separated. There are no rumors that she has dated any other man and she has been keeping her spouse confined from all the Medias and the public life. Wendy Hurrell rumors never became the obstacle to her success and to the way she worked which made her one of the successful public figures.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Wendy Hurrell has been honored a number of times with awards for her impressive work with which she has served her audiences.Wendy Hurrell has been nominated a number of times in various award functions like Emmy award. She has been able to win the award also most of the time for her outstanding work. Wendy Hurrell is recognized not only at national level but at both national and international level.


Wendy Hurrell Facebook has a large number of likes by the people throughout the entire world. Wendy Hurrell facebook provides a flood of information about her both personal life and work life and things that are currently happening and that happened in her life. Wendy Hurrell Instagram has a large number of likes from her fans all around the world and she has also followed some of the famous media figure and celebrities of all around the world. Wendy Hurrell Instagram provides a huge mass of information about her life by her pictures and status updates on the regular basis. Wendy Hurrell, various accounts like facebook, Instagram and twitter can be an adequate medium for her fans to get to know more about her.

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