Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite helped launch the CBS Evening News in 1962 and served as its news anchor until his retirement in 1981.


Walter Cronkite was born on November 4, 1916 in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA as Walter Leland Cronkite Jr.


Cronkite lived in Kansas City, Missouri, until he was ten, when his family moved to Houston, Texas. He was a member of the Boy Scouts.

School College

He attended junior high school at Lanier Junior High School and high school at San Jacinto High School. He attended college at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), entering in the fall term of 1933. While attending UT, Cronkite had his first taste of performance, appearing in a play with fellow students Eli Wallach and Ann Sheridan.

Father, Mother

Cronkite is the son of Helen Lena, and Dr. Walter Leland Cronkite, a dentist.

Children Kids

He and his late wife had three children: Nancy Cronkite, Mary Kathleen (Kathy) Cronkite, and Walter Leland (Chip) Cronkite III (who is married to actress Deborah Rush).

Girlfriend, dating and affair

In late 2005 Cronkite began dating opera singer Joanna Simon, Carly Simon's older sister.

Career Life and Jobs

Cronkite began his career as a news writer and editor for Scripps Howard and United Press. He was a correspondent for United Press during World War II and, after the war, reopened news bureaus for UP in Amsterdam and Brussels.

Cronkite was the chief correspondent covering the Nuremberg trials and also served as bureau manager in Moscow.

In 1950 he joined CBS as a television correspondent. He was named anchor of the “CBS Evening News” in 1962, and the following year launched network television’s first 30-minute newscast.

He reported on the pivotal stories of the '60s and '70s -- the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the battles over civil rights, the Vietnam War, the Apollo moon landings and the Watergate scandal.

Cronkite stepped down from the anchor desk at CBS News in 1981. Three years later, the journalism school at Arizona State University was named in his honor. He returned to campus each year to talk with students and present the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. Cronkite died in 2009.

Wife, Marriage and Divorce

Cronkite was married for nearly sixty-five years to Mary Elizabeth 'Betsy' Maxwell Cronkite (January 25, 1916 – March 15, 2005), from March 30, 1940 until her death from cancer.


His pictures are found elsewhere in the internet and people search for his pictures.

Height, weight and age

He was six feet tall at the time of his death. He had a tall posture which enhanced his personality.

Nationality, Ethnicity, religion

He was an American by nationality and he was of white ethnicity.

Net Worth, Salary and income

He earned a lot of money in his career and his net worth is worth millions. He had been paid well.

Award and Achievement

Cronkite was the recipient of a Peabody Award, the William Allen White Award for Journalistic Merit, an Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the George Polk Award and a Gold Medal Award from the International Radio and Television Society.

Quotes, Gossip and Rumor News

His 1996 autobiography, “A Reporter’s Life,” was a best-seller. An avid sailor, Cronkite wrote the text for “South by Southeast,” a record of his impressions sailing the waterways from Chesapeake Bay to Key West. A sequel, “North by Northeast,” also was published.

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