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Victoria Swarovski songs like One is a million, My heart is your heart, There's a place for us, Dilemma and Dear diary has ruled the stereos of the globe. Victoria Swarovski songs are seriously one of a kind. It is no wonder why she is one of the favorites of many. Apart from these, her extravagant wedding dress along with the luxurious ceremony has made her talk of the town. She calls herself "a girl out of the mountains."


Victoria Swarovski is an Austrian pop singer. The girl is the seriously versatile celebrity. She is a singer, fashion designer, TV star, and heir to the crystal fortune.


She was born on August 16, 1993, in Innsbruck, Austria. Victoria Swarovski was born to parents Paul Swarovski and Alexandra Swarovski. Swarovski has got professionalism and success in her blood. Her mother is a journalist by profession and her father works in a family-owned company. Unfortunately, her parents have been separated.

Early life and education

Victoria Swarovski songs have made her popular and many people want to know about her early life, how was she like before she became popular and the stuff. Swarovski has been into music or better say she was interested in singing right from the childhood. Since her childhood, she sang in several choirs. Talking about her high school and education, nothing as such has been disclosed yet but looking at her competency, we believe that she has the fair amount of formal education. She has been the singer/songwriter since the age of 12.

Career and net worth

Talking about Victoria Swarovski career, it is not only about Victoria Swarovski songs. Of course, Victoria Swarovski songs have made her popular, Victoria Swarovski career composes several other professions.  She is a fashion designer, TV star, and heir to the crystal fortune.

She appeared with the song Get Gone in the TV show of Mario Barth in 2009. She signed a record deal with Sony Music when she was 17 years old. Her aspirations are high, sky- high. 2010 was a lucky year for her as One in a Million was released, the song was a hit. Apart from that, there are many Victoria Swarovski songs that have been able to become a hit. Also, she sang the title song There's a Place for Us in the feature film The Chronicles of Narnia: The journey on the dawn.

She started out recording dance music, but she didn't like it. Now she is successful and calls her music, futurepop with a touch of soul and R&B. She performed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


She's no longer with Sony and according to her, she is trying to do my own record thing. She further said that sometimes it's good to have the great labels because they have great connections, but sometimes they just sign you to keep you calm. Such a wonderful thought indeed. Outside of the entertainment world, she's also trying to break into fashion. She launched a line of "dirndl" dresses.

Talking about how much she earns, Victoria Swarovski songs might be her major contributor but cannot say for sure given her multiple associations.  Victoria Swarovski might be huge but Victoria Swarovski net worth has not been disclosed yet.

Personal life and spouse

Talking about Victoria Swarovski personal life, it is pretty simple. However, Victoria Swarovski personal life got a lot of attention because of her extravagant wedding where Swarovski wore a million-dollar dress which she says went viral. She got married to her longtime boyfriend Werner Mürz who works in real estate in Germany investing in industrial buildings. They got married in the Italian city of Trieste, in the Cathedral of San Giusto, surrounded by 250 of their closest friends and family. The couple was together since the end of 2010 and got married on 20 May 2017. Now, how did the love story start? According to Victoria Swarovski, she met him through his father, their parents were good friends. Werner Mürz’s father passed away last year in a car accident, but he’s the person who brought them together.

Going back to their wedding that became headlines, Swarovski had a number of outfit changes throughout the three-day ceremony in Portopiccolo, Italy and every one of them was one of a kind. For her dresses are important. The couple is happy and living their time of their life. To be clear, after spending a few years in LA, love took her back to Germany. That love is now-husband Werner Mürz. Sounds filmy but this is how love works.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Victoria Swarovski is active in social media and has her profiles on Instagram and Facebook. Anyone can follow her and her followers in Instagram are just increasing.


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