Tim Westwood Net Worth, Freestyle, TV, and Career

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth October 3,1957
Nationality United Kingdom
Profession DJ TV Presenter
Working for BBC Radio, MTV
Ethnicity White
Education at Norwich School
Net Worth(s) $16 Million
Height 6 Feet 4 Inch
Weight 85 kg
Hair Color Black
Twitter @TimWestwood
Age 65 Years


Tim Westwood is a DJ and presenter on radio and television. Tim Westwood net worth has been accumulated to a huge amount particular because he is a pretty well-known presenter and DJ of English nationality known also for his rapping skills. Referred to specifically as Westwood, he has been known best for being the presenter of the show Pimp My Ride. He has since been working in Capitol Radio. Actively involved in the entertainment sector since 1980, he has been signed into the Mercury Records.


This extremely well-known rapper and the freestyling icon were born on the 3rd of October, 1957. His birthplace is in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. His father is Bill Westwood. Bill was a former Anglican Bishop of Peterborough.

 Early Life

Tim Westwood grew up in East Anglia and was enrolled in the Norwich School for his education. He later was enrolled in a local school for his education.


Tim Westwood freestyling and Djing career has led along with several radio stations. He has been the DJ for the Kiss FM as well as the Capital FM. He was given the National Radio 1 Rap Show on radio 1 in December 1994. He has been the longest presenter of the show and is the first and only permanent presenter of the hit show.

On March 1985, Tim Westwood did his first broadcast on a legal station. He guests starred on the BBC program called Meridian and discussed the importance and increment in the hip-hop culture in London. He also appeared in the Bad Meaning Good documentary of the BBC on 1987. He rose to fame with the ITV when he appeared in the program Night Network. It was produced by London Weekend Television.

He has since then been a presenter of the television programmer called UK Play on the UKTV. It is his own television program. His name has also appeared in several British rap records. In Britan, he was the only hip-hop artist who was pretty well known in  the country on the 1980s.  by the MOBO, he was named the Best UK Radio DJ.

Tim Westwood has been the host of the Rap Show on the Capital FM up until 1994. He has had a lot of endeavors and no wonder Tim Westwood net worth has been so high. He has also been known to have done several concerts with Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G.

Tim Westwood official YouTube Channel is named Tim Westwood TV. The Tim Westwood Tv has over 191 million views. He also has over 230, 00 subscribers and has several videos of freestyles. Tim Westwood freestyle music can be found extensively on his official YouTube channel.

Personal Life and Marriage

One of the biggest names in the field of television, as well as radio, Tim Westwood personal life and the details associated to it, have been talked about by all of his fans widely. However, no information about the details of his personal life has been available to his fans. He seems to be a notoriously secretive personality and has even been known to lie about the details about his personal life to his fans at times.

Tim Westwood has never been married. Tim Westwood dating history comes out empty and he has had no girlfriend as of yet. Tim Westwood has never even have had children. This has led to several rumors that he is either gay or a bisexual. However, he has never come out to the general public so these rumors can be dismissed as not being true.

Net Worth and Facts

Tim Westwood net worth has been known to be a whopping 16 million dollars. Tim Westwood net worth suits his fame and personality pretty well. He has been earning a huge number of fans for his skills over the years and his salary has also been known to be in the age of a million dollar or so. Tim Westwood net worth is accumulated through his songs, presenting skills and fan following on screen.

Tim Westwood freestyle career has been liked very much. However, he has also been part of several controversies in the past. His show has been accused of encouraging knife and gun crime. He has also been criticized by his emulation of Black British pronunciation and people consider it to be contrary to his middle class-British roots. He has also been known to lie about his age and background, he stated that he was 27 years to a Guardian journalist when it the fact he was in the age of 23 years.

He was also injured in a drive-by shooting in Kennington on 1999. He had at the time been playing in the Lambeth Country Show when a motorbike pulled up and shot him and his assistant.

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