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It is amazing how Reality star Tia Torres career took a real good turn with the reality television series on Animal planet, Pit Bulls & Parolee.


Tia Torres is a well- known reality star. Torres founded the largest pit bull animal shelter Villalobos Rescue Center in the United States.  It is featured in an American reality television series on Animal Planet, Pit Bulls & Parolees. This series confronts the misunderstandings of the Pit Bull breed and it definitely boosted up Tia Torres career as a whole.


Tia Torres was born on 6 March 1960. As of 2017, Torres is in her late fifties but she is flawlessly beautiful. She was born and raised in Southern California.

Early life and education

Before jumping straight into Tia Torres career, let us dig a little bit into her early life. Torres had a soft corner for animals right from the beginning so it is no wonder why Tia Torres career took a turn to the welfare of animals.

Tia Torres had a difficult childhood. She did not have a father to look upon. This is very unfortunate for her however; her step mother who raised her did not let her feel his absence. Torres had a very good relationship with her step mother and looked upon her as her only mom.  Torres step mother had a strong connection with animals and this might have drove Torres close to them. Her step mother was a former farm girl, and very much an equestrian. Torres was taught how to be strong and disciplined even when the situations looked bleak right from the childhood and the step mother was definitely was a world to her. Torres was taught that owning a pet is a privilege and the animals that one adopts should come first. Such generous lessons would only come from the person with the heart of gold. Torres continued this tradition with her own children too.

Given all these background, it is no wonder that Tia Torres career replicated her passion. Torres left home with her Catahoula Leopard Dog – Cougar, two Arabian horses, and an Angora goat when she was seventeen years old. She struggled hard to keep all her pets safe. Days passed by and Tia Torres career took a new turn as she was enlisted in the Army and became a truck driver.

Career and net worth

Well, that was quite a heart- warming background of Torres’s early life. Despite the fact that Tia Torres career took a turn as a truck driver, she eventually followed her passion of loving and rescuing the animals. After some serious relationship ups and downs, Tia Torres career took an affiliation with a new job as a youth gang counselor in the City of Los Angeles.

Then she started the Villalobos shelter that was rescuing wolfs and wolf hybrids. By the way Villalobos stands for “village of wolves” in Spanish. Also, in the late 1990s she started rescuing pit bulls. Another remarkable deed that Torres contributed would be her decision of teaming up with the Los Angeles City Animal Services. Together they created The Pit Bull Support Group. They main agenda is to provide frees service of neutering, training, and assistance to anyone who owned a Pit Bull or Pit mix.

Villalobos Rescue Center is in New Orleans, Louisiana area. It is the United States' largest pit bull animal shelter. Furthermore, the Rescue Center is now rescuing humans too. Throughout Tia Torres career and life, she has lived in different parts of California. Her rescue centre got a huge exposure after it was featured in Pit Bulls & Parolees which is an American reality television series on Animal Planet. The series debuted on October 30, 2009. In 2014, Torres stated that her organization has approximately 400 dogs. Also according to her the notoriety of the show has resulted in "four times" as many dogs being directed to her organization.

With all these details it is clear that humanitarian act is the core of Tia Torres career. With such works, Tia Torres net worth might not be huge like that of the celebrities, but she definitely has ruled many hearts. Tia Torres net worth is estimated to be 300 thousand dollars.

Personal life and spouse

Tia Torres personal life has some major ups and downs. In spite of all those incidents, Tia Torres kids have always been the centre of Tia Torres personal life. She has two biological daughters and two adopted sons. Tia’s daughters are: Mariah Torres and Tania Torres. Tia Torres sons are: Kanani and Keli’i. Tia Torres kids have been growing up and being the charm of the camera.

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