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Ted Vernon age is not known well to the general public, but he is recognized as a flamboyant personality who has many deeds under his hat. One of the most colorful personalities, he is a successful auto dealer, film producer, movie actors and a professional prizefighter. Ted Vernon wrestler career has also been a huge deal with the general public. He attained local fame and name and embarked on an amateur boxing career which led him to become well known to the public.


Ted Vernon age was in his late 20’s when he embarked on a boxing career, local newspapers stated that he was a millionaire, but he still continued with his professional wrestling career. Later, however, he shifted his interests to other professions. Ted Vernon wrestler career was followed by his work as a successful auto dealer, which remains his successful work till date. He has also worked as a movie actor, professional prizefighter and film producer, gaining momentum and fame in all the positions that he has been indulged in this American personality, a versatile guy, and a colorful personality, has reached high to the heights of fame for his work.


Ted Vernon age as of now is not known as his actual date of birth is not made available to the public. He was born in Long Island, New York. His father is named Harold Vernon and he is a real estate developer.

Early Life and Childhood

Ted Vernon has inherited a lot of property, and it is safe to state that he grew up in a well to do household. The educational history of this personality has not been known to the general public.  Ted Vernon nationality is American and Ted Vernon ethnicity is white.

Career and Net Worth

Ted Vernon age was in his mid-twenties when he took off his career in the field of the dealership business. Ted Vernon cars career, which started off in the year 1977, has led him to international fame and widespread success. He opened his vehicle dealership with a partner and due to misunderstandings, he quit his partnership. However, he came back with a bang as he started up his own business, which has been fairly successful as of now. Ted Vernon bio and Ted Vernon wiki page is absent.

Ted Vernon age was young when he started his vehicle dealership, and now he has successfully managed to make it a huge success. His company specialized in classic cars, bikes, and trucks. Though a highly successful and versatile personality, he still remains indulged in the day to day operations of the company. Old and new vehicles are sold and brought via his company, and he seems to have gained a good amount of profit through it.

Ted Vernon actor career is also extremely popular apart from Ted Vernon cars career. Ted Vernon actor details include him having a decade's long career in acting. He has specialized in making horror films in Florida and has acted and produced a number of low-budget movies.

Ted Vernon age is currently more than 60 years, however, he still continues to be a prize fighter. Ted Vernon age has done nothing to phase out his immense versatility and energy, and his colorful personality has managed to make him extremely popular.

Ted Vernon net worth is a whopping 15 million dollars. Ted Vernon age is above 60’s and at this age, he has managed to accumulate this big amount of net worth.

Personal Life and Spouse

Ted Vernon has been married twice.  The whereabouts of his first marriage and children have not been made available to the general public. However, the details of his second marriage have become a well-known deal.

He started an affair with his business partner Robin after they met on a blind date on the late 1990’s. It has been known that he proposed to Robin on the first date and she said yes. The couple started living together after two months of the first date. Following their first date, the Ted Vernon girlfriend became his wife within the next two years. The age gap between the pair is significant and has led to several discussions over the marriage. Ted Vernon age seems to be in the late 60’s while Robin is in her mid-30s.

On September 2016, rumors about the problem between the pair started gaining momentum. On the 13th of December, on 2016, the couple got a divorce. Ted Vernon has not been married since.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Ted Vernon facts are that he has achieved kind of a cult status for his racing, singing, wrestling, acting and boxing credentials in Florida and all over the USA. His alter ego name is Trillionaire Ted Vernon and he fights under that name. Ted Vernon has also been known for his book named Collecting Cars for Fun and Profit.

Apart from his achievements as a successful entrepreneur and personality, he is also known for his active profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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