Sade Baderinwa

Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 14, 1969
Nationality American, German
Profession TV Anchor
Working for WABC Channel
Ethnicity Nigerian-German
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth(s) $50 Million
Name on Birth Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa
Divorce N/A
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 57 kg (approx.)
Religion Jewish
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray Black
Twitter @SadeABC
Body Measurements 35 - 26 - 32 inch. (approx.)
Age 53 Years

Folasade Olayinka Baderinwa, known professionally as Sade Baderinwa is an Emmy Award-winning news anchor at New York's WABC Channel 7.


Baderinwa was born in 14th April 1969 in Baltimore, USA. Her father and mother were entirely from different background. Her father is Nigerian originated whereas her mother is German.


Baderinwa parent’s marriage did not last for a long time; soon it came to an end. Towards the end of her parent marriage, she was adopted.

School College

To receive her higher education, she was admitted to the University of Maryland College Park, from where she graduated.

Father, Mother, brother and sister

Her father is a Nigerian and her mother is a German. Her first name, "Folasade", means "Honor confers a crown".

Boyfriend and affair

In the past Sade Baderinwa was surrounded by scandal, it was about her affair and her boyfriend was Martin J. O’Malley, former mayor of Baltimore and was married. Later she became pregnant and it was obvious that the father of the unborn baby was O’Malley.

Career and struggle

Baderinwa commenced her Television career as an assistant producer for the ABC News channel. While working as an assistant producer, she had contributed in numerous television shows like this week with David Brinkly, World News Tonight, and Nightline.  That was beginning of her career but she really did a fabulous job. Afterward Baderinwa started working as a trainee reporter for WUSA-TV which is situated in Washington DC. She began to anchor for WBAL-TV in 2003 where she served for nearly three years.  In 2003 Roz Abrams left WABC and was assigned time slot of 5 P.M and 11 P.M at WCBS TV. Baderinwa eventually filled in place of Roz Abrams.  Currently she jointly hosts Eyewitness News. She is assigned a time period of 5 P.M and 11 P.M and she presents a weekly edition of Eyewitness News along with Diana Williams and Bill Ritter.  Prior to the previous thing Baderinwa used to be the News broadcaster at the noon.

On July 13, 2004 Baderinwa came to Eyewitness News. As a news reporter Sade has covered many vital and important events occurring all across the world. She presented major breaking news- international political issue, domestic news. On October 27, 2006 Baderinwa appeared as a guest co-host of “The View”.  Again in May 2011, Liz Cho left time slot of 11 P.M news with Bill Ritter and assigned 4 P.M news cast. Finally Baderinwa filled in place and started to jointly host news along with Bill Ritter.

Husband and Marriage

She is not married and there are no rumors of her to be married in the near future.

Nationality, Ethnicity

Her father and mother were entirely from different background. Her father is Nigerian originated whereas her mother is German.

She is an American national.

Net Worth, Salary and income

She makes $362,560 per year. It is a handsome income and her hard work deserves the income.

Award and Achievement

She has won an Emmy Award at New York’s WABC Channel for best news anchor category.

Job and future

Currently she is aiming to launch the program Getting Reel. The objectives of the program are to nurture the overall development of backward and indigenous students of NY City. The program will provide an opportunity to students to involve in technical as well as artistic field. Students will be guided and supervised by experienced professionals. They will get the chance to know how things take place in the real world working environment.

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