Rudi Bakhtiar Fox News, Net Worth and Career

Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth June 21, 1966
Nationality American
Profession News Anchor -CNN
Working for CNN
Ethnicity White
Qualification Degree in Bachelor of Science in Biology
Education at university of California in Los Angeles
Net Worth(s) $300 Thousand Dollars(approx)
Height 5 feet 0 inches
Twitter @RudiBakhtiar
Body Measurements 33-28-34 Inch
Age 56 Years


Rudi Bakhtiar is a producer for the Reuters in Washington DC and has also been known for the skills she has portrayed as an anchor on CNN Headline News Tonight. Rudi Bakhtiar Fox News career is what she has been most known for. She has anchored several high profile newscasts also for CNN and other channels. She is originally from California and her nationality is American. She is a beauty of Iranian ethnicity.


Born on the 21st of June, 1966, Rudi Bakhtiar was born as Radabeh Bakhtiar.  She has a younger brother and a sister. She grew up from the age of two in California in Fresno.

Early Life and Education

Rudi Bakhtiar did her education from the university of California in Los Angeles. She received a degree in Bachelor of Science in biology. She graduated from the University of California on 1990.


Rudi Bakhtiar career started off in the year 1996 when she got the chance to join the CNN. She worked for the CNN for duration of 9 years in which time she got a chance to hold multiple positions. She was the anchor of CNN Headline News Tonight which aired on the CNN Headline News network. She has also been the co-anchor with the CNN Newsroom. She was a dedicated correspondent for Anderson Cooper 360.

Rudi Bakhtiar has also covered news from several countries around the world. These include the like of South Africa, Iran, Israel, Ethiopia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. She has also been the anchor from CNN, to be the first one to cover the September 11 Attacks.

Rudi Bakhtiar Fox News career started on 2006 as a general correspondent. She reported several major international stories like Saddam Hussein execution before her contract was terminated. The contract was terminated because she alleged that another Fox News worker had sexually harassed her.

On 2008, Rudi Bakhtiar became the first Director of Public Relations for the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans. She has produced several mini-documentaries while she worked there. She was later pushed out of the organization because of her opinionated view about the human rights violations in Iran. She has also released a statement about the human rights of Iran, stating that it has been one of the worst violators of human rights in the world under the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Personal Life

Rudi Bakhtiar has been interested in sports and several other endeavors apart from her interest in journalism. She has however been absent a boyfriend or a husband in the past time. Rudi Bakhtiar career surely has been a good one but she has managed to keep her personal life limited to herself. She has never been married and has never been known to have dated anyone from the journalism fraternity. She seems to be interested in maintaining the human rights of her country as of now and this is why she will certainly be releasing very less information about the details of her personal life to her fans even in the days to come.

Net Worth and Facts

Rudi Bakhtiar net worth has been known to be a whopping 300 thousand dollars. She has accumulated this net worth over the course of many years and after several endeavors in the broadcasting business. She is a personality whose skills and amiable personality has appealed to a lot of fans, thus making her extremely liked and respected in the world. Rudi Bakhtiar net worth is surely set to increase to a greater amount in the days to come.

Rudi Bakhtiar’s heritage is Iranian. Her parents were immigrants of Bakhtiari heritage. For a fact, it has been known that Rudi Bakhtiar hobbies include the likes of snow skiing, tennis, yoga, riding, tennis, oil painting and much more. She is also known to have studied architecture at the Career Discovery Program at the Harvard School of Design and has interests in this field too. She is a versatile personality who has interests in all the fields she can get a hand upon.

She has achieved a list of recognizable awards for her work in the journalism sector. She received the Iranian American Republican council Achievement Award for her achievements given to the Iranian American society on the year 2002. She has been ranked as the ninth in the top twenty news personalities.

Rudi Bakhtiar has also been involved in her share of controversies. She complained to the Fox News on 2007 that Brian Wilson had sexually harassed her prior to his promotion as the Washington bureau chief. She was given a settlement of 670 thousand dollars by the Fox news. Rudi Bakhtiar Fox news allegations came to an end after she received the sum of her remaining contract as well as her legal fees in which case she decided to keep silent about the allegations later.

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