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Rodger Berman has been known for being the husband of American fashion stylist, Rachel Zoe. He is actually an investment banker of American nationality who came to limelight after his marriage with the well-known personality Rachel. Rodger Berman age is known to be 48 years and he seems to be the perfect husband to the beautiful Rachel Zoe.


Rodger Berman date of birth has not actually been known but it has been known that he was born in the year 1968. Rodger Berman age thus is 48 years.

Early Life and Education

Rodger Berman has never revealed any details in regards to his personal life. Rodger Berman age is 48 years and he rose to fame only after marrying the famous Rachel Zoe. He seems to be a well versed and well-educated personality but nothing can be said about his origin and about where he studied as a child. It has however been known that he studied his graduate degree from the George Washington University and that is where he met his first and his only wife.


Rodger Berman career started off shortly after he graduated. He is an investment banker. While his girlfriend moved on to become a stylist, business woman, and writer, he has had a pretty less known profession as an investment banker. He seems to be very supportive of the career of his wife.

Personal Life and Marriage

Rodger Berman wife is none other than the famous Rachel Zoe. She is a pretty well-known businesswoman, writer and fashion designer who has been known for her work with several celebrities, beauty firms, fashion houses and advertising agencies all around the world. Her work has spanned over two decades.

Rodger Berman girlfriend Rachel met him when they were both enrolled at the George Washington University. The pair began what became a well-known and long lasting relationship with each other, which led on to make them hugely popular amongst news tabloids. They got married on 1996. Rodger Berman wife has given birth to two of their sons named Skyler and Kaius. The couple has a pretty good relationship, with no signs of a divorce.

Net Worth and Facts

Rodger Berman net worth seems to be a bit overshadowed by that of his wife. Rodger Berman age of 48 years has led him to attain the net worth in the range of thousands of dollars while the net worth of Rachel is a whopping 16 million dollars.

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