Renee Graziano age, Father, Net worth and Career

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 19, 1968
Nationality American
Profession Actor, TV Personality
Working for VH1
Ethnicity White
Marital Status In relationship(rumor)
Spouse Hector Pagan Jr (Ex), Sam Mack (boyfriend)
Married on N/A
Children(s) AJ Pagan
Net Worth(s) $2 Million
Name on Birth Renee Graziano
Divorce Yes
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Twitter @reneegraziano
Age 54 Years


Renee Graziano is a personality of American nationality who has been known for being a reality television personality to have been showcased in Mob Wives as well as Celebrity Big Brother. Renee Graziano age as of now is 48 years of age. At this age, she has earned fame and name particular for her reality television roles and also for being the daughter of a mob family.


Renee Graziano was born on the 19th of April, 1968. Renee Graziano age is 48 years as of now. Renee Graziano father is none other than Anthony A. Graziano. Renee Graziano father is a mobster of the New Work City and has been known for being the consigliere in the Bonanno crime family.

Early life and Career

Renee Graziano was born to a mob family and hence her childhood certainly must have been a difficult one to say the least. However, being born to the Bonanno crime family surely has had perks for her as she got the chance to be cast in the reality television shows like Mob Wives a Celebrity Big Brother and for Renee Graziano career to flourish.

In the six seasons of the hit show Mob Wives, she has appeared as a prominent character. She started off with the show on 2011 and her role has continued to this day until 2016. The show was conceived by her sister Jenn.

Apart from her work in Mob Stars, Renee Graziano is also known for having appeared in the Celebrity Big Brother on is eighteenth series. She finished in the third place in the show whereby she got 14.66% of the vote. Apart from this, she has also released an autobiography as well as a cookbook.

Personal Life

Renee Graziano has been married once. Her husband, a mobster Hector Pagan Jr. became an informant and gave evidence against Renee Graziano father Anthony. On 2014 however, Pagan was sentenced to imprisonment in a murder trial. With Pagan, Renee Graziano has a child named AJ. She is apparently dating the NBA player Sam Mack.

Net Worth and Facts

Renee Graziano age is 48 years and yet she is one of the most talked about celebrities on screen. Renee Graziano net worth is hence a whopping 2 million dollars. Her net worth is surely set to rise considerably in the years to come as her role in Celebrity Big Brother as well as on Mob Wives have won a huge number of hearts around the world.


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