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Phil Jackson is widely known as an American basketball player. He is a former professional basketball player, coach and executive in the National Basketball Association (NBA).Phil Jackson Net Worth is estimated to be $50 million as of 30 January 2016.


Phil Jackson was born on 17 September 1945 in Deer Lodge, Montana. Charles Jackson is his father and mother, Elisabeth Funk Jackson. His father and mother were from Pentecostal missionaries. He holds an American nationality. Virgo is his birth sign. He is a very tall player. His height is 6 feet and 8 inches. Also, his body weight is 100 kg. Currently, he is 72 years old. He is popular by his nick name Zen Master.

He is famous as a former Basketball player as well as executive and coach. He is also called Philip Douglas Jackson. Phil Jackson Net Worth is the result of his passionate basketball career.

Early life and education

Phil Jackson was born in Deer Lodge, Montana. He was interested in field activities and sports.

During his early childhood days, he had to grow in remote area of Montana in an austere environment. In the austere society, children were not allowed to dance, television and other types of recreational activities.

However, in the high school, he was supposed to play basketball, football, baseball and discus. He played very actively in such sport games. Also, he participated in other field competitions with more excitement.

He joined high school in Williston, North Dakota. There he got a chance to play football and basketball. After the completion of  high school, he attended the University of North Dakota. Bill Fitch who was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon had recruited him in that university.

Phil Jackson net worth and career

He started his career as being a part of the New York Knicks in 1967. New York Knicks is a team of professional basketball in New York. He became a team member of New York Knicks as a second- round draft choice. New York Knicks basketball team became the winner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship in the year 1970. In 1973, the same team became the winner of the NBA Championship.

He shared with Bob Dandridge of the Milwaukee Bucks that he attempted altogether 330 personal fouls between 1974 -1975. At that time, he was the players’ leader. In the year 1979, he moved to Hudson to play two seasons for the Nets professional basketball team. He officially retired as a basketball player in the year 1980.

Then, he started coaching lower- level leagues which includes the Puerto Rico’s National Superior Basketball and the Continental Basketball Association. After a while, he was appointed as the assistant coach to Chicago Bulls in the year 1987.

In Chicago Bulls, he was appointed as the head in 1989. He had coached the team for over 9 seasons. The team became a winner of altogether 6 championships during this time period.

Phil Jackson was officially retired as the coach of Los Angeles Lakers in 2004. Then, he published his book with the title, ‘The Last Season: A Team in Search of ITS Soul’. After that in 2005, he was reappointed in Los Angeles Lakers as a head coach.

Recently, his book was published in 2013 with the title, ‘Eleven rings: The Soul of Success’. In this book, he has well-written about his experiences as a player for the New York Knicks. He has also mentioned the tips to become a best player. Phil Jackson net worth being huge is not a surprise after so much of his accomplishments.

He earns lots of money from being a basketball player as well as coaching. Phil Jackson net worth is $50 million as of 30 January 2016.

Personal life and marriage

He got married with Maxine in 1967. The couple had a child. Unfortunately, the relationship did not exist for long duration. In 1972, they were separated from each other with divorce. Again, he married with June in October 1974. The couple had four children. But they divorced in 2000.

After having divorced with Maxine and June, he was engaged to Jeanie Buss in January 2013. Jeanie Buss is an American business woman.

Phil Jackson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2011. Also, he told publicly that he had taken marijuana as well as lysergic acid diethylamide.

It is also said that he had returned to the Big Apple to serve as president of the New York Knicks with a five year deal in March 2014.

Global recognition

He is popularly known as a winner of the “NBA Coach of the Year Award” in 1996. Also, he received the Amos Alonzo Stagg Coaching Award from United States Sports Academy in 2010. He is widely known as one of the greatest coach in the National Basketball Association history after leading the teams to a record 11 championships.

Phil Jackson is also famous with his book title, ‘The Last Season: A Team of its Soul’ and ‘Eleven rings: The Soul of Success’. He was the head coach of Chicago Bulls from 1989 – 1998. He is best known as a former American professional basketball player, coach and executive in the National Basketball Association.

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