Patti Ann Browne

Nadine Caridi

Quick Facts

Date of Birth September 10, 1965
Nationality American
Profession TV Presenter
Working for FOX
Ethnicity white
Marital Status Married
Spouse Will Proctor
Married on 2003
Qualification Graduation
Education at Fordham University
Divorce Not at
Height 157 cm
Weight 53 kg
Age 56 Years

Born / Birth

The marvelously beautiful and stunning lady enriched with the astounding ability Patti Ann Browne was born in Bayside, Queens of New York, United States of America. She was born on the 10th of September in 1965.

Childhood Life

She grew up in her hometown with her two siblings. She was very good in her studies including sports and other activities.She was very enthusiastic as a child and wanted to become a journalist when she grew up.Therefore being a journalist was her childhood dream.Reading, volleyball, running and water skiing was her hobbies.

School and College

Patti went to Fordham University located in New York City after the completion of her high school to get a bachelors degree. She majored in Communications in her Bachelors from Fordham University. When she was in the university, she also worked as a co-host of an Irish music program that was casted in the university’s radio station. Also, she was a news director and news anchor of 50,000-watt station at the same time.

After completing her bachelors, she went to the New York Institute of Technology which is located in Old Westbury, New York to earn a Master’s Degree. She was a full scholarship student at the university which included her working as a teacher assistant. She helped her teacher in news-writing and also teaching to the undergraduates. She would also teach production skills. She majored in Communication Arts from the university with a 4.0 GPA.

Father, Mother, Brother and Sister

Browne has an identical twin and also a younger sister. She is the eldest of the three siblings. She does not have a brother.

Boyfriend Girlfriend and Affair

She does not have a boyfriend. She is a married woman how lives a very happy married life without any consequences of affairs.

Career and struggle

She started her career in journalism when she was in college by co-hosting radio programs. She also has experiences working for Newsweek Magazine for four years as a part-time employee. She was an intern of the weekly television show called ‘Mother’s Day’ run by Joan Lunden.

At present she is associated as a full-time employee with Fox News Channel where she anchors the Fox News Live. She also anchors on Fox News Radio network giving hourly news updates. Before she made her career at Fox News, she worked at various other news networks and channels. She worked for MSNBC as an anchor where she hosted weekend shows for two hours called ‘Weekend Morning Line. She covered different major news events and also interviewed international newsmakers during her working period at MSNBC. She has also worked as a substitute anchor for CNBC.

Her journalism career in television network began when she worked as a night anchor for WLIG TV 55 where she also worked as a news director. The news was telecasted in New York City and in Long Island. After that she joined WSJV-TV which was an ABC network affiliated channel and now is a Fox affiliated channel. She was a full time reporter and anchor for WSJV-TV. She started working for News 12 where she hosted news shows. She anchored a three hour morning program at News 12 which is considered to be the channels highest-rated show. She has covered news stories like the massacre of the Long Island Railroad, the crash of TWA Flight bombing in the year 1993.

Husband, Marriage and Divorce

Patti is a married woman. She lives with her husband happily in New York City. This happy couple has a son together.

Hot, Legs, Feet and Pictures

Patti Browne has a hot body and a nice gesture.She is very talented lady who is as well pleasant at her looks. She worked hard to maintain her sexy figure through the regular workout and daily balanced diet.  She shows off her hot figure in her professional tight skirts and shows off her beautiful long legs in the television. Her beautiful body can also be seen in her pictures which are available in the internet.

Height, weight and Age

Patty is a forty seven year old woman who has maintained her weight until date. She is not a very tall woman with a height of five feet and two inches.Everyone is hypnotized by her miraculous smile and the civilized nature which she got on her by birth. 

Nationality and Ethnicity

She is an American born and hence holds American nationality. Patty comes from a white ethnicity.

Net Worth, Salary and Income

The total net worth or the salary of famous Patti is not made exclusive by Fox News like many of its employees’. Her net worth and salary are unknown to the public.

Award and Achievement

Patti has worked in a number of television networks gaining experience and knowledge of the field. However, she has not been able to bag notable awards in her career yet.

Talented lady has travelled many international places which include Austria, England, Hungary, France, Canada, Mexico, Ireland etc.


Job and future

Patti is doing great in her job as a new anchor. She is loved by many people and she has a numerous fan following. There is a lot more she can achieve in the near future.

She is a hardworking person who has numerous fans and followers. One can follow her in different social networking sites.


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