Mel Kiper Net Worth, Analyst, Career and Personal life

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Quick Facts

Date of Birth July 25, 1960
Nationality American
Profession football Analyst
Working for ESPN
Ethnicity White
Married on Yes
Children(s) Lauren Kiper
Education at Essex Community College
Net Worth(s) 7 Million
Twitter @MelKiperESPN
Age 62 Years


Mel Kiper is a football analyst and has been known for his coverage of the NFL draft coverage since 1984. Mel Kiper net worth has increased considerably to a great amount and he has been known for his direct attitude and coverage skills as well as his witty personality portrayed on screen, actively involved as an analyst for the past few years, he has been known to be one of the most recognized faces when ti comes to gaining information about football and draft picks.


Mel Kiper was born on the 25th of July 1960. Mel Kiper age as of now is known to be 56 years. His birthplace is in Baltimore, Maryland.

Education and Career

Mel Kiper was enrolled in the Essex Community College for his education. He completed his alma mater degree from the same and started off his career soon after. He has reportedly stated that Ernie Accorsi is the one who encouraged him t become a draft analyst. He has also stated that Accorsi encouraged him to convert his analysis skills to a business and earn from it.

Mel Kiper creates a big board, which consists of the top 25 ranked players showcased every week. In the draft coverage of the ESPN, the big board generated by Kiper appears on the ticker. It is automatically updated when some player is picked. Mel Kiper net worth has thus risen to a great amount. Mel Kiper analyst career is amalgamated with that of Todd McShay and the pair often are featured together and compare their mock drafts.

Personal Life

Mel Kiper personal life details have been searched about widely. Mel Kiper personal life seems to be getting along well as it seems that his married life with Kim is getting along pretty well. The couple got married on 1989 and has been together since. She supports him in running the Mel Kiper enterprises and the pair has a daughter together.

Net Worth and Facts

Mel Kiper net worth is known to be a whopping 7 million dollars. Mel Kiper analyst career is what has led him to rise to fame. Mel Kiper net worth is surely set to rise in the years to come. Mel Kiper has also appeared in the video game ESPN NFL, 2K5 and has also appeared in NFL Head Coach. He also appears in Madden NFL, another hit video game. All in all this versatile personality deserves to earn this amount of money and respect.

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