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Marriage is one of the Prime decisions of our life whose success requires the mutual effort of both the partners. Marty Lagina married life tells the similar stories that if we marry the right partner, the struggles in life get way more comfortable.


Marty Lagina is a favorite television actor. The actor rose to fame with the History Channel, reality television series entitled The Curse of Oak Island. Marty Lagina Marty appears on the show with his elder brother Rick Lagina. Marty Lagina has a balanced professional and personal life.


Marty Lagina was born in the city of Kingsford in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. The details about his date of birth have not been disclosed yet, and similar is the case with the names of his parents.  Marty Lagina has a brother named Rick Lagina. The siblings are said to be very close and their sibling bond is legendary.  Also, Marty Lagina is said to be a family man, no wonder why Marty Lagina married life is a goal for so many of his fans.

Early life and education

Marty Lagina is a television actor and his acting skills not only versatile but also fantastic. Such types of skills could just be acquired through practice and could only arise out of passion. Some rumors follow that Marty Lagina was passionate about acting from the very early ages. Given the fact that his brother is also a famous personality, he might have an environment of competition, and with this, his skills got even sharper.

Even though Marty Lagina is such a refined actor, he is an engineer by profession and has been involved in the energy business.By digging deep into the mystery of his early life, we have found that He did law but in 1979, when he was still a law student and started to work as a petroleum engineer for different local companies. Lagina founded Terra Energy Limited. The company was developing shale gas resource in Michigan, and it expanded to become the largest shale gas well operator. Later in 1995, he sold the company to CMS at 58 million dollars.

Career and net worth

Marty Lagina career entails many achievements, but he is reported to famous after his appearance on television in the History channel’s reality series The Curse of the Oak Island. Marty Lagina and his brother Rick Lagina are the stars of the series. The series is not like any other series because it has very rich reviews and more than average rating. The significant chunk of Marty Lagina career is associated with this series.

The Curse of the Oak Island is a reality television series that premiered in Canada on History on January 5, 2014. Marty and his brother are undoubtedly the principal cast in the series. The major story of the story revolves around the struggle and efforts of brothers Marty and Rick Lagina from Michigan while they attempt to solve the 220-year-old Oak Island mystery. The thrill and modern technology used in the series are one of the major attractions.  The cast seeks the treasure or historical artifacts believed to be buried on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada with the clever use of modern technology and independent researchers.  It has been reported that the two got interested in going to the island to do their research after reading an article on Restall family work on the Island from Reader’s Digest Magazine. It is not just a series of them; it is their passion. One of the significant reasons behind Marty Lagina being a fan favorite lies in his expertise in winemaking and his flawless performance in the show itself. With the increasing fan base, his personal life also started getting a lot of attention and Marty Lagina married life became one of those attentions.

With all those success and huge fan base, the actor has been able to earn millions of dollars.  So, how much is Marty Lagina net worth? Well, to be exact, Marty Lagina net worth is estimated to be two million dollars.

Personal life and spouse

Despite the fact that Marty Lagina married life is one of the significant attention of his fans, but not much has been disclosed as of now.

Marty Lagina got married to Olivia Lagina who is also an engineer by profession. The couple has been sharing more than two decades together. The couple has worked together for many years in their company Terra Energy. Marty Lagina married life might have been so smooth also because of their common promotion.  The couple has two children named Alex and Maddie. Marty currently lives in Traverse, Michigan with his family.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Marty Lagina is a famous personality. He is somewhat active in social media. Marty Lagina twitter account is active, and anyone can follow Marty Lagina twitter. However, we suggest his fans to be careful while following his twitter account because many fake accounts with the name Marty Lagina has been spotted.  

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