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Marilyn Denis is a television and radio personality of Canadian nationality, who has been known for her credits as a journalist. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta on the 1st of July, 1958. She started her career from Moscow, Idaho and worked next in Calgary for the CJAY-FM. She has also worked as the weather announcer at the CFCN-TV as well as the TSN.
Denis has moved on to work as the co-host of the CHUM-FM’s morning show named Roger, Rick and Marilyn.  This has made her hugely popular in the USA for the skills she portrays on screen. She has also been the host of the syndicated daytime talk show named Cityline which is portrayed on the Citytv as well as the A-Channel. Marilyn has also been the recipient of the Viewer’s Choice Award at the Gemini Awards and has also been honored with The Rosalie Award. 
The success gained by Marilyn Denis in the journalism career as made her the winner, also of the Gemini Award for Best host in a Lifestyle/ Information Series and she got this ward for the role she has played in the talk show Cityline. The most recent endeavor of this beauty has been to be the host of the new show The Marilyn Denis Show. She announced the start of the show on 2008, June but the show started airing since the 10th of January, 2011. The show has made her popularity rise even more and she continues to pursue current as well as future projects on the CTV Television.
As far as the personal life of this beauty is to be concerned, it has been known that she has been married as well as divorced once. Though she has been known to have had a husband, the details about him have not been leaked by her to the general public. It is also known that she divorced her husband and that she is single as of now. It seems that she is focusing more on enhancing her career now, rather than focusing on the details of her personal life. She is currently single and has not been known to have a boyfriend. She has a child, a son named Adam, born from her marriage. Adam was born on 1988 and is the drive time host of the Rogers Communications’ CKIS-FM situated in Toronto.
The beautiful Denis has a perfect height and body that suits her and makes her look perfect on screen. She has the perfect body measurements that accentuate her looks on screen. For her credits as a host, she has managed to bag up a net worth of 5 million dollars and she certainly earns a huge salary.

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