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The world is full of beautiful people and looks like beautiful ladies are concentrated in France. French beauties are seriously one of a kind. Similarly, Malika Ménard is one of those acclaimed models from France who has shown what ladies are capable and has enlightened the field of modeling. Malika Menard career speaks a lot about her hard work and perseverance.


Malika Menard is a French model and beauty pageant titleholder. She has won those titles and recognition for which thousands and millions of ladies aspire for. Malika Menard career is simply one of motivating factors for her fans which is, by the way, is in large numbers.  She has won the title of Miss France 2010 and represented her country in Miss Universe 2010. Her performance there was simply mind-blowing.


Model Malika Menard was born on 14 July 1987 in Rennes, France to French parents. She is in her early thirties and looks more and more elegant with every passing day. By the way, her name Malika, means queen in Arabic and her definitely the queen of hearts of many people out there. This exquisite beauty was first believed to be of Kabyle Berber descent. But later on, it was cleared out that she is French by all means. Both of her parents are French. Talking about her name, her parents simply found it pretty and named her. To make it even clearer, her parents had gone to Algeria.

Early life and education

Malika Menard is the beauty with brains and the way she performed in the beauty pageants, it was a proof that she has got her formal education from the reputed business institutions. It was also said that she used to be smart and one of the outstanding students when she was a student. This strong foundation was one of the reasons how Malika Menard career could become that robust. Her family support could also be one of the factors that made it possible. She had her studies at the Center for Training and Development of Journalists. From there, she graduated at the end of 2012. Being a journalism graduate, she has hosted several shows including Paris All Inclusive program and Face Off.

Career and net worth

Now onto the most interesting part of the model, Malika Menard career. Malika Menard career could be viewed from the three angles, Miss France 2010, Miss Universe 2010 and on television. She was the winner of Miss France 2010 held in Nice. Her talent and outstanding performance were exhibited in such a way that many people had anticipated her to be the obvious winner right from the beginning. After winning Miss France 2010, she was eligible to represent France in Miss Universe 2010. The competition there was really tough but she was able to show her best performances but unfortunately, she could not win. Even though she could not win the competition, she was able to win thousands and millions of hearts of the viewers with her talent and charisma. Actually, Ménard was amongst the majority of contestants who chose not to do a topless photo shoot during the Miss Universe official portraits photo shoot.

 She was able to reach Top 15 semi-finalists which were quite an achievement. 2010 Miss Universe pageant was broadcasted live from Paradise, Nevada on 23 August 2010. The competition was won by Ximena Navarrete of Mexico. When it comes to Malika Menard career in television, she participated in the television game show Fort Boyard on 28 June 2014. Her participation hyped the craze for the show. Currently, she is the member of France 3 in Paris Le Club and on L’Equipe 21 for her column VIP. Also, she is also a web columnist on Tele-Loisirs for Dans la sac.

Malika Menard career has definitely been built upon wins and losses, with every win she gained an extra dose of confidence and with every loss, she learned a lesson and they gave her, even more, motivation to achieve more. After knowing such a success story of a model, it is only plausible that people show heavy interest in Malika Menard net worth. Well, Malika Menard net worth is estimated to be 500 thousand dollars.

Personal life and spouse

Time and again Malika Menard personal life becomes the topics for gossips. When people talk about Malika Menard personal life, it basically includes the topics related to her dating life and her relationships. Even though she is not flashy about her relationships and dating life, we are 100 percent sure that such a beauty with exquisite blue eyes, brown hair and who stands tall at the height of 1.76 m is impossible to stay single for a long period of time. After all, she is the queen of hearts. Not many details about her dating life have been disclosed but it looks like Malika Menard has been dating  French football player Benoit Costil.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Malika Menard major recognitions include Miss France 2010 (winner) and Miss Universe 2010 (top 15). Malika Menard Instagram is active and anyone can follow Malika Menard Instagram.


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