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Actors are always the center of attraction when it comes to their personal life and similar is the case of Madalyn Horcher personal life.  Madalyn Horcher is a popular actress with a comparatively open private life.


Madalyn Horcher is a well-known American actress who is best-known for her role in the American crime drama television series, Gracepoint which is actually the remake of Chibnall's UK drama series Broadchurch.


Madalyn Horcher was born on September 22, 1995, in the United States. It is said that she was born to a middle-class family. To be honest this might just be a rumor too. The actress has two siblings named Miya Horcher and Madison Horcher. Both of Madalyn’s sisters are actresses.

Early life and education

It is said that Madalyn Horcher had a fine childhood and she grew up with siblings. Given the fact that all the Horcher sisters are in the acting career, it is plausible that they might have been motivation for each other. To be clear, Madalyn Horcher grew a deep interest towards acting right from the inception.

For the school education, Madalyn Horcher wen to Bernice J Causey Middle School in Mobile, Alabama. She was smart and confident throughout her school life.

Career and net worth

Madalyn Horcher career in acting is growing and she has been increasing her fan base too. She began her acting career as a child appearing in small guest roles on House and My Parents, My Sister & Me in 2010. Madalyn Horcher career prominently started in 2014 after she brought Chloe Solano to life who is, by the way, a character in Gracepoint, an American crime drama series which is actually the remake of Chibnall's UK drama series Broadchurch. In the series, Madalyn Horcher plays the role of an adolescent school student. Her character was able to one of the fan favorite characters in the series.

Madalyn Horcher is one of the casts from Curve (2015) directed by Iain Softley. Curve is a thriller/ horror movie about a young woman becoming trapped in her car after a hitchhiker causes her to have an automobile accident. The movies had an average rating. Then she became one of the casts in 2016 ? Mystery/Crime film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. In the movie, Jack Reacher must uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name.  This movie is one of the critically acclaimed movies. The actress has also appeared in 2016 adventure, comedy, drama movie, Riding 79. The movie is highly rated one.

Apart from the movies and TV series, Madalyn Horcher also had played guest roles on numerous popular shows including Good Luck Charlie and Kickin' It. The actress is versatile and beautiful. Most of all she has a reputation of being one of the comfortable actresses to work with.  Apparently, Madalyn Horcher working on the TV series The Night Shift which is a medical drama.

With all these roles and achievements, Madalyn Horcher net worth would be pretty decent. However, Madalyn Horcher net worth has not been revealed yet.

Personal life and spouse

Now, here comes the most awaited part, Madalyn Horcher personal life. When it comes to Madalyn Horcher personal life it is basically about her sisters and boyfriend. As already mentioned, both of her sisters are popular actresses. Her sister Miya Horcher is an actress, known for Fallout 4 (2015), Future Shock (2015) and The Middle (2009). Madalyn’s another sister is the actress known for Adventures in Babysitting which is a 2016 adventure/comedy movie. All of these three sisters are leaving a good mark in the acting industry and more are still coming.

Another important aspect, the most important one about Madalyn Horcher personal life would be her boyfriend who is no more a mystery man. She is allegedly in a relationship with Glenroy Brown who is a real estate investor who is known as '’Real Estate Glen’. The couple has said to have been in a relationship for quite a long time now. They look totally loved up and happy. Glenroy Brown is from Long Island New York and recently living in Los Angeles. The guy not only has a good investing and management skills but also is very active in public awareness programs. The actress posted their picture on her Instagram. The picture was not a lovey-dovey type but their chemistry was clear. The couple is doing perfectly fine but they do not seem to get married soon. Apart from these details, Madalyn Horcher personal life is still an under the shadows.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

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